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Dead and Hopefully Not Buried

by Mike Donoghue

Want to solve a mystery on your next project before it becomes a show-stopper? Make sure you’re a contributor to the next project post-mortem you’re a part of and don’t sit on you hands waiting for the clock to reach the hour.

Decompressing Issues

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

In the midst of a project, you do what you need to do in order to get things done and meet the requirements and deadlines of the project. After the fact, though, you may need to decompress the issues that occurred.

Defining the PMO Role

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

What is the role of the project management office? While each organization may be different, there are some common characteristics of PMOs that should be considered in order for it to be useful.

Delivering the Goods

by Craig Curran-Morton

While you are rarely in a position to make the strategic or operational decisions for the organization, your intelligence can support these key decisions. That is the real benefit of a good business intelligence group, and the following four things can go a long way in helping you successfully deliver your message--and ensure action is taken.

Deming, the PM (Pt. 3)

by Josh Nankivel

Management guru Edwards Deming’s points on continuous improvement, training and leadership can serve as sound guidance in the pursuit of project management excellence. Here they are applied to using lessons learned to improve methodologies, going beyond trial-by-fire training, and knowing the difference between leading and supervising.

Deploying Social Media Tools

by Elizabeth Harrin

Harnessing the power of social media tools can greatly improve the communication and collaboration on your projects. But a test drive is prudent, and you must take into account team skills and location, among other considerations, before you dive in. Here are five pre-requisites for a successful social media deployment.

Design Your Status Report for an Audience of Leaders

by Joe Wynne

When you think of the leaders who look at your status reports as users, the look and feel of the report you use may be inadequate. Give leaders the information they need in a compelling manner by using design thinking to make improvements in how information is presented.

Designing Teams as if People Mattered

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

How we function in a team is critical. Teams exist because we can’t be successful on our own; we need some help, we need specialist expertise and we need people to contribute to the heavy lifting. Put multiple people in a room together, however, and the challenges of communication, collaboration, confusion and conflict quickly come to the fore.

Designs on Transformation

by Parker Lee

Organizations that seek transformation and innovation go beyond top-down, analytical methods and incorporate the lessons of design thinking, humanistic management and systems theory. Here are seven principles that can dramatically improve how your organization develops products, services and processes.

Detailed Design and Engineering & Preconstruction

by Mark A. Annunziata, Sr., PMP

Within tier 1, construction projects’ values are usually in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Based on experiences in the tier 1 environment, this is the first in a series of articles describing basic tier 1 requirements and the project manager’s responsibilities running a live construction project. The articles are particularly intended to provide real examples to young, up-and-coming hopefuls to the project manager role.


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