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Finding the Time to Collect Lessons Learned

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Lessons learned can be a valuable resource to future projects. Collecting them should be a priority for the project team even when they cannot see the immediate benefit of it. Keep these four tips in mind to help the process run smoothly.

Finish Strong

by Jeff Oltmann

You shouldn’t wait until the end of your project to start thinking about how to close it. Here are seven tips to ensure your projects don’t stumble at the finish line and transition smoothly to ongoing operations or follow-on initiatives.

Finish While Staying Sane

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

When the project is nearing its end, you need to have a good plan for closing it out while finishing all the work that needs to be done—and staying sane. It’s not easy, but it can be done. Keep these tips in mind…

First Sprint, Lasting Lessons

by Andrew Makar, PMP

Agile processes can offer rewarding advantages to traditional software development, but they take time to adopt properly. New teams will likely encounter conflicts and confusion during their first sprint retrospective. Here are five lessons learned that can help your next sprint avoid some common pitfalls.

'Flippy' the Project Manager?

by Bruce Garrod

Routine work like cooking hamburgers has nothing to do with providing great project management service…or does it? Can the role of the project manager be replaced by automation? Let’s look at the project life cycle...

Fontastic Voyage

by Mike Donoghue

Not educated on the nuances of publishing, marketing and message, many energized people have generated distracting documents because they indulged in an overuse of fonts on a simple reading page.

Forget the Money. Show Me Your Ideas!

by George Ball

In the New Economy, intellectual capital -- not physical or financial capital -- will be the king maker. So, the next time you walk into your bank (hopefully as a customer and not as a bank robber), go up to your investment advisor and say: "Forget the money. Show me your ideas!"

Four Lessons CPOs Can Learn From

by Michael Wood

If you are new to the CPO position or just reaching for success, the guidance in this article will help. What are the most important lessons one seasoned C-level executive has learned along the way that might help other CPOs enjoy a rewarding and tenured career? Although many lessons come to his mind, four stand out--and they're universally applicable no matter what your position is.

Four Steps Project Managers Should Follow to Help Ensure Strategic Success

by Marcela Diaz Angel, MGP, PMP

Although project managers are often called upon to begin a project immediately, it is important to stop and think critically about the project before getting started. By integrating relevant knowledge before beginning a project you can save time during execution and will have a more complete view to help develop adequate and necessary structure, tools, techniques and guidance to ensure project and organizational success.

Four Steps to Managing Project Issues--and Your Sanity

by Joe Pena

Part of your job as a project manager is to be on constant lookout for possible issues. Sometimes you can assess certain ones before they appear; other times you might be blindsided. The key is knowing how to identify, deal with and ultimately learn from these issues.


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