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Remember: Users Are Real People

by Andy Jordan

When project teams are buried in the details of their work, it’s easy for them to forget that they are producing solutions for real people. PMs need to help them remember.

How to Transition From 'Unofficial' PM to 'Official' PM

by Ghia Yuson

If you’re currently working in a corporate environment, chances are you’ve found yourself managing a project even if it wasn’t part of your job description. Maybe it's time to consider becoming an “official” project manager—and these steps can help with the transition.

6 Tips for Mastering the Art of Delegation

by Andy Jordan

The sooner a project manager can become comfortable with effective and appropriate delegating, the better—but it's not an easy skill to master. These six tips can help.

The Perfect First Project

by Andy Jordan

Finding the right projects for new PMs to lead is critical, but what constitutes that ideal first project? The perfect project for one PM might not be the perfect project for another—but there are some characteristics that we can look for.

Why Project Management Certifications Matter

by Mario Trentim, PMP, PMI-RMP, PfMP

Project management certifications can be an invaluable tool, helping you generate greater opportunities and set yourself apart from the competition. If you're a new practitioner, read this primer to start your journey.

An Introduction to Project Management for C-Level Executives

by Mario Trentim, PMP, PMI-RMP, PfMP

As a C-Level executive, you are responsible for managing complex projects that require extensive coordination and careful planning to ensure success. But there is a lot more to project management than just making sure everyone is on the same page.

Combatting Fears & Doubts as a Project Manager

by Andy Jordan

Too much stress not only prevents you from functioning, it can have profound long-term health impacts. And new PMs in particular don’t have the experience to fall back on to assure them that things will be alright. How can we prevent this damaging buildup?

Understanding Schedule Delays

by Andy Jordan

Schedule delays are among the most common problems projects face, but how do you manage them properly? That depends on why they’re happening...which isn't always obvious.

Stop Complaining About Project Controls

by Andy Jordan

Project managers—especially new practitioners—often struggle with the control and governance aspects of the discipline, but they are a good thing for the project and the team. Without them, PMs are operating on guesswork.

3 Focus Areas for Your Career Management Plan

by Bruce Garrod

Regardless of where a project manager lies on the career continuum, a career management plan is important. Read how PMs at two very different stages in their career can advance themselves in three common focus areas.


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