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The Care and Feeding of Virtual Teams

by Joe Wynne

Do you take care of your dog the same way you take care of your fish? Not if you want to keep him happy. The same idea holds for virtual teams--they require a special kind of handling.

Tailor Your Kick-off Meeting to Your Virtual Team

by Joe Wynne

A snip here and a stitch there. Let out a bit over here. Don't suck in your stomach! There, you have a kick-off meeting fit for a virtual team, no matter how spread out it has become.

Tactical Tips for Virtual Teams

by Andrew Makar, PMP

While managing three virtual software implementations, this writer learned several tactical tips to remember when working with virtual teams.

Virtual Performance: Harvesting the Power of Virtual Teams

by Jerry Manas, PMP

The effect of multitasking is just one of many variables this author is trying to uncover in his research of virtual teams. Find out what he's learned--and join in the fun by taking a survey that is sure to provide further enlightenment.

The Paradox of Agile PM and Virtual Teams

by Dr. David F. Rico, PMP, CSM

Collocated teams are the heart and soul of agile project management, but there's one small dilemma: The world’s supply of human talent is not aligned for a PM model based on collocated project teams; the marketplace is better aligned for one based on virtual teams. So how do you adapt the agile project management model?

When Teams Fail

by Michael Wood

Much has been written about project failures, but what about teams? It seems that management has little or no appreciation for the value of a team that exists beyond the project. Why do teams fail and what is the impact of those failures?

How Successful Are Virtual Project Teams?

by Ken Whitaker

The software development industry has migrated more and more to a virtual, telecommuting industry. But recent headlines have solidified the battle lines regarding virtual teams. Are they good or bad for employee morale and productivity?

Virtual Teams: Do the Challenges Outweigh the Benefits?

by Michael Wood

With virtual projects come virtual teams and the associated tradeoffs. The question that looms large is this: Do the challenges of virtual teams outweigh the benefits? There are advantages to virtual teams that go beyond merely saving money on travel. Consider the following tradeoffs--advantages and disadvantages--when pondering virtual teams...


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