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Are You Addressing Biases in Team Culture?

by Andy Jordan

Historically, project managers have generally taken one of two approaches to dealing with biases in team culture: They’ve either ignored them or they’ve tried to address them head on in an attempt to “overpower” them. Neither of these approaches works.

The New Way of Working: Impact Over Efficiency

by Bart Gerardi

There has been a shift in the way many people view the work that they do. Making positive change is valued much more than being efficient at tasks that no one will notice. Leaders must, in turn, create the environment where a project’s success will be measured by impact, not merely by how many or quickly things get done.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: How PMI Toronto Is Making a Difference

by Sandy Matos

DEI principles have become a focus for many organizations and industries because more and more employees want change to happen—and difficult conversations to occur. Learn how the PMI Toronto Chapter has made a difference—and what you can do to strengthen your organizational culture.

Getting Out of the Way of Your Own Biases

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

If you know you have biases in how you make decisions, and that those biases are relatively innate and ingrained, then how do you overcome them? How do you recognize when your biases are operative? What should you do differently? How do you make sure you are making a good decision?

How To Be More Inclusive for Better Results

by Joe Wynne

You cannot get the most out of your team if every individual does not feel fully included. Use these targeted techniques to build a productive work environment where everyone on your team feels that they can be heard and participate in the project’s success.

Harnessing the Powerful Diversity Advantage

by Stephanie Jaeger

In a world that is becoming more and more virtual—and a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds—we need to develop high cultural awareness, learn to be interested in other people’s backgrounds, and invest in building relationships. Keep these tips in mind.

Practical Ways to Contribute to Diversity & Inclusion

by Bruce Harpham

There are two parts to making progress on diversity and inclusion. The first step is self-knowledge and reflection; the second step is adding diversity and inclusion to our work as a standard practice. Here are some tips to help nurture your DE&I efforts.

Overcoming Challenges for Women in Male-Dominated Industries

by Yasmina Khelifi

Unconscious biases and a lack of support may hold some women back from progressing in the workforce. What do we all need to recognize at an organizational level, and how can we improve the culture and opportunities?

How to Build Remote Inclusivity for Hybrid Work

by Priya Patra

In a hybrid working environment, it's even more necessary that leaders be “remote inclusive.” It's about ensuring that all team members—whether on-premise or remote—have their voices heard. Implement these strategies to help.


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