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Dim Lights, Big Pity

by Paula Weber

A major project could have been a big jolt to her career, but Kyla Watt felt less than empowered by her Low Energy gig. Sparks fly and projects fizzle out when both the client and the consulting group are totally out of control sometimes you have to know when to pull the plug.

Power Combo

by Bob Weinstein

The engineering job market has solidly turned around, and engineer PMs can write their own career ticket.

Alaskan Mystery

by Bob Weinstein

The 800-mile Alaska Pipeline was a project without a plan or method. This remarkable story presents some valuable lessons from the biggest and most expensive private enterprise in American history.

Solar System

by Bob Weinstein

PMS who can run massive implementation projects are in short's time to check out solar energy careers.

The Analytics of Energy

by Vijay Sankaran

Applying data warehousing and analytics to current events, this writer uses some super-sleuthing analytics to try and get to the bottom of the supply and demand myths of the oil crisis.

The Oil Disaster (Part 1)

by Bob Weinstein

The BP oil spill instantly became a crisis management disaster with devastating repercussions. What went wrong, and what lessons can we take from the tragedy?

The Oil Disaster (Part 2)

by Bob Weinstein

The BP oil spill instantly became a crisis management disaster with devastating repercussions. What went wrong, and what lessons can we take from the tragedy? As our two-part article concludes, we look at more of the major management mistakes.

Finding Green in Our Projects

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Adoption of LEED standards is typically framed as a means of reducing operating costs; the greater expense in designing and building sustainable facilities is offset by reduced energy consumption in future years. This becomes a theoretically easy business case that should be readily accepted: an investment in current periods providing future savings in costs. The challenge, however, is two-fold: it requires foresight and a willingness to invest in the long term, and there needs to be confidence that the promised benefits are realistic and attainable.

The O.I.L. Project Portfolio Pipeline

by Rob Saxon

Though it seems straightforward to simply invest dollars in the status quo, a good portfolio must consist of a balance of investments. To achieve this goal, we as project portfolio managers can look to a few simple guidelines inspired by the oil industry: oversubscription, prioritizing investment and providing ample lead time. Read on to understand more about the O.I.L. pipeline…

Project Manager Estimate at Completion (PMEAC)

by Rob Seiler Jerry B. Insall Lynn W. Heenan

Project Manager Estimate at Completion (PMEAC) is the official version — it incorporates the project manager’s professional judgment. Readers will be able to use PMEAC to reduce errors in estimates at completion, save time in communicating completion estimate variances, and reduce the confusion around multiple ways to calculate EAC.


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