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10 Ways You Can Use AI to Turbocharge Project Productivity

by Carleton Chinner

Knowing where artificial intelligence is embedded in your project systems will allow you to gain maximum value from the available options. From improving your writing to planning a training course and more, check out these 10 ways to improve your project delivery right now.

2 Ways To Balance AI’s Worst Tendencies

by Bruce Harpham

The way we work today is increasingly being shaped by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. To keep up, we need to understand these technologies holistically—where they add value, and where they fall short.

2020 Technology Update: AI, 3D and IoT...Oh My!

by Michael Wood

In 2020, with so much happening, the Technology Update provides a targeted summary of the space and where it is all headed. This year, the technologies covered artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing and the Internet of Things (IOT) & Bodies (IOB).

2021 Information Technology Update: Now Where Were We?!

by Michael Wood

After arguably the most disruptive year any of us have ever seen, organizations are already beginning to see a shift in the technologies they will need to harness to be prepared for the future. What tech is hot—and what's approaching its obsolescence?

3 Classic PM Challenges Addressed by AI

by Dave Garrett

Artificial intelligence can help you perform at a higher level, not just by handling administrative work, but by helping you meet the classic PM challenges that have always felt daunting. Here's how...

4 Technology Trends in Project Management

by Michael Wood

What technology will your organization expand on or adopt this year? These four technologies expect to have a big influence on our industry....but don't get starry-eyed over big words and bigger promises.

4 Ways AI Can Improve Agile Risk Management

by Bart Gerardi

By leveraging artificial intelligence, agile teams can gain greater insights into potential risks, make more informed decisions, and improve outcomes. From identification and forecasting to monitoring and contingency planning, here are four ways that using AI can make a positive difference in agile risk management.

5 Workplace AI Experiments: What Worked…& What Didn’t

by Bruce Harpham

While experimenting with artificial intelligence for six months, this practitioner put ChatGPT to the test with a handful of tasks to (hopefully) lighten his workload as a project manager. The results were...mixed. Should you believe the hype?

7 Best Practices for Your Digital Transformation Projects

by Antonio Nieto

Several best practices have emerged over the years to enhance the success rates of digital transformation projects. Here we look at seven—and explore what makes them different from AI implementation projects, which are often mistaken for them.

AI Adoption Needs Change Leaders

by Navneet Singh Saasan

Organizations can improve project success rates through the strategic application of artificial intelligence tools, but they’ll improve their chances even more through agile-based change management practices and leadership.


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