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We Have Always Lived in a Project Economy

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Every once in a while, we get into an extensive debate about the role, presence, impact and future of the project economy. But to put not too fine a point on it: We have always lived in a project economy. It's just that it hasn't been very evenly distributed.

Web 2.0 Intelligence

by Vijay Sankaran

As social networking sites become hubs of information with attribute and interaction data, they become ripe for analyzing behaviors and demographics. This Web 2.0 intelligence can provide businesses invaluable opportunities to harness the power of communities.

Welcome to The Project Economy

by Cindy Anderson

The Project Economy offers so much rich potential as society optimizes and extends the amazing achievements that technological advance now puts at our fingertips. It is no surprise that disruption accompanies change, and that there can be resistance to that which is different. But if we can view the world through this new, future-focused lens, we can prepare ourselves, our organizations, and our society to make the most of the opportunity.

Welcome to the World of Big Data

by Michael Wood

You might have heard about the “Big Data” craze. The rush is on, and like Cloud Computing it’s gaining momentum fast. So what is all the fuss about? What exactly is Big Data and why should we care?

We're Not in an Innovation Industry!

by Andy Jordan

Digital transformation is changing the way the world works…yet this author still meets project managers who don’t believe it impacts them. It’s time to wise up.

What a Difference a Year Makes

by Michael Wood

Staying on top of technology trends is one of the biggest advantages a CIO can grab. Here's a look at what's hot for this year, so you can keep your sites on the ever-moving technology target.

What A Waste

by Andy Jordan

Most organizations have limited resources to invest in improvement initiatives. And a significant percentage of those resources don’t deliver results. That’s a huge problem. To begin to fix it, we have to understand where and why this waste is occurring.

What Brexit Might Mean for Your Projects

by Elizabeth Harrin

Britain leaves the European Union in March 2019. Such a short sentence, such large ramifications! Is your business ready for what this means for projects? Find out what you should be considering now in this article.

What CEOs Should Want in a CIO

by Michael Wood

Great CIOs are not necessarily great technologists. They don’t even need to have had hands-on experience in programming, networking or infrastructure. But what they must have is the ability to understand enough about those disciplines to know fact from fiction--and the ability to surround themselves with an appropriate team of IT subject matter experts. For many, this will sound like heresy; for others, a refreshing change from stereotypical norms.

What CEOs Want in a CIO

by Michael Wood

There has been a struggle to understand what CEOs are truly looking for in a CIO. Do they want a business professional that understands how to lead and manage an IT group, or do they want an IT wizard? The answer might surprise you.


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