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The ‘X’ In xMO Stands For ‘Not There’

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

There are so many management offices: project, program, portfolio...the list goes on, and on. Which is the management office that makes the most difference? The one that isn’t there.

What’s Your MO?

by Andy Jordan

The term "PMO" has always been confusing. But as it turns out, it doesn’t matter what you call it—you have a lot more flexibility with your management offices these days than ever before. What is your MO letter of choice?

Just Say No to the Agile PMO

by Andy Jordan

Agile project management offices are getting attention these days, even if they aren’t understood well. But an Agile PMO is a label, not a solution. All successful PMOs adapt their approach and focus constantly, adjusting to the ever-changing needs. That should be your PMOs focus.

Where Should the PMO Focus?

by Andy Jordan

PMO leaders are left to fend for themselves when it comes to determining where to focus, and when to determine that appropriate improvements have been made. How should they determine where to focus their efforts, and what to set as appropriate targets?

5 Significant Challenges PMs Will Face in the Project Economy Era

by Antonio Nieto

Project managers must increasingly navigate more complex and dynamic environments to deliver their projects successfully. Here we look at some of the biggest challenges our profession faces in this modern era—and share strategies to overcome them.

6 Best Practices for Technical PMs

by Vatsal Mehta

A skilled technical project manager bridges the gap between technical and non-technical issues, creating a cohesive team to ensure the successful setup and delivery. Here’s a closer look at the role, including six best practices to succeed.

If the Future Is Unknowable, Why Plan for It?

by Bart Gerardi

While plans constantly change, the act of planning is still a strategic use of time — for the many decisions and discussions that it helps to facilitate among stakeholders, and for establishing a baseline that can be improved upon along the way.

Capital Allocation Framework—A Strategic Perspective to Value Creation

by Vibhu Sinha

This paper aims to share a strategic perspective on capital allocation and how leveraging this capability, in collaboration with the corporate transformation office or project management office and corporate finance, portfolio managers can successfully steer organizations in pursuing value creation and maximizing shareholder value.


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