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Ready, Set, Activate!

by Andy Jordan

Effective project activation is more than just hard work and good luck. It's an important focus on the work required to bring the project up to speed, and this article explores some ways to get from zero to 60 as quickly as possible.

Realizing an Enterprise Strategy (Part 2)

by Dan Oliver

Too often, enterprise-wide strategies fail to meet expectations because all aspects of the organization are not considered when planning a strategy. This is part two of the discussion on realizing an enterprise strategy. Part one discussed some of the issues decision-makers need to consider when devising an enterprise strategy. This article describes one of many approaches to successfully realizing an enterprise strategy.

Rebuilding Your PMO

by Andy Jordan

How can you ensure that your PMO is as strong as it can be as the economy recovers? In this article, we look at how you can use this opportunity to improve your PMO--making it a more significant contributor to your organization than it was before the downturn.

Recovering from Project Failure

by Andy Jordan

Major project failure can happen to anyone. What’s important is to make sure that the organization can recover from such a situation, and that requires both advance planning (it’s too late to start planning the recovery when the disaster has already happened) and strong execution. Is your PMO prepared?

Reduce Your Workload by Leveraging PMO Content Resources

by Joe Wynne

Reduce your overall effort—and keep a trained and productive team in place—by using informational resources provided by your PMO. Your PMO provides guidance and templates that will be useful throughout your project to keep your team prepared and productive.

Reducing Waste in Project Management

by Daniel Iannucci

It would be satisfying to say we could simply remove those processes that add no value. In many cases, those processes had a worthwhile goal, they just failed to accomplish it. To solve this, PMOs can learn from the product development idea of a minimum viable product.

Results Management Offices

by [email protected]

Cross-project integration, executive buy-in and clearly communicated benefits continue to challenge PMOs. Adding traditional business measurement benchmarks such as mission alignment, domain authority and organizational readiness are needed to help project leaders deliver and report success quicker.

Rethinking the ‘O’ in PMO

by Andy Jordan

There's a role in danger of getting lost with the current focus on corporate value and strategic leadership: the idea of creating an environment for the growth and support of project execution within the organization. Let's shift the focus away from the “office” part and more on the "project management" part of PMO.

Reversing the Tide: Creating PMOs of Value

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

What distinguishes the few PMOs that stand out as actually being effective? The first in a new series of articles strives to build on what has come before while providing real and practical insights into what it really takes to make a PMO work effectively.

Risk Identification, Speed Dating Style

by Dan Furlong, PMP, PMI-ACP, MBA, CSM

Risk identification only works if everyone is truly engaged--not just participating, but engaged fully as if an owner of the activity. Read how one healthcare expert managed to bring together a wide range of diverse, talented groups to quickly achieve a potentially complicated end goal.


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