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Tackling Talent and Strategy at PMI’s 2014 PMO Symposium

by Tegan Jones

Even the most brilliant strategy won’t mean much unless an organization has the right project and program practitioners to execute on it. And that’s precisely where project management offices can step in to help with the daunting task of finding the talent to fuel strategic initiatives--a big takeaway from PMI’s 2014 PMO Symposium.

Take It Personal: Value-based Culture

by Andy Jordan

By giving focus to the personal value that individuals bring to the business, organizations show that the people are as important as their work. This value-based culture improves productivity, morale and commitment, but it doesn't get built on slogans.

Taking Your PMO to the Next Level

by J. LeRoy Ward

A project management office should be an integral component of your organization’s project management practice, and it should be delivering results that are critical to business and mission success. This white paper examines key PMO functions, characteristics and challenges, and showcases attributes of a successful PMO. A four-step plan is also provided to improve your PMO’s value to the organization at large.

Talent Show

by Tim Wasserman

The attraction, development and retention of top project management talent is paramount to the success of any organization. Here is a strategic execution framework that leaders and PMOs can use to guide their talent management efforts, specifically targeting six areas that can deliver the great impact and ROI.

Ten Ways to Kill Your PMO (Part 1)

by Craig Curran-Morton

PMOs: A panacea for some, a disaster for others. If like many others you anticipate a bad ending, you've come to the right place. Want some sure-fire approaches for disaster? Here are some tips on killing your PMO. (Optimists can go ahead and do the opposite...)

Ten Ways to Kill Your PMO (Part 2)

by Craig Curran-Morton

There are many ways you can poison your PMO and ensure that it doesn’t see tomorrow’s sunrise. In our last article, we looked at some leading PMO killers such as failing to identify an identity, ignoring your stakeholders and making things complicated. In the conclusion of this two-part series, we look at five additional deadly deeds.

The 21st Century PMO

by Andy Jordan

We seem to be moving from the “every PMO is different” model to the “PMOs fit into one of several types” model. However, since the heady days of Y2K the world has changed a lot--and created a lot of opportunities for PMOs to reinvent themselves and create a new model. This writer may be a power-crazed egomaniac, but he thinks PMOs can run the organization (if not the world).

The '3 Bears' Theory of Project Management

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

How do you get PM just right? How do we find the balance in making project management work? What constitutes "enough" project management, and how do we make the call? What are we giving up when we compromise the approach we take, and at what cost?

The Agile Mindset

by PMI

Meet the agile PMO. (No, that’s not an oxymoron.) PMI highlights the project management strengths of our three PMO finalists, who all offer insights into how they benefit from emerging trends.

The Agile PMO

by Michael Nir

A project management office contributes value to its organization by helping executives make informed, portfolio-based decisions regarding project prioritization and resource allocation. This case study shows how a PMO can accomplish this mission more effectively by delivering value incrementally, focusing only on what is necessary at the appropriate time.


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