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Final Project Report

PREMIUM deliverable
by Gabrielle Dunkerton

This Final Project Report provides a snapshot of your project and provides an outline to help you surfaces relevant information on milestones, budget, time, lessons learned, and more! Adapt it to fit your needs.

Portfolio Heat Map Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Yaniv Levi Tzedek

This Excel heat map template gives you the ability to visually indicate your portfolio status to stakeholders by assigning data to a set of projects, which are displayed as bubbles of varying sizes. Adapt the axes names and data to fit your needs.

Project HEADWAY: Project Management That Makes A Difference

PREMIUM presentation
by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

The essential question that this webinar asks and answers is, “What about project management makes a difference?” As project managers, as leaders in our organizations and as guides to our teams, what are the actions, the behaviors and the moves that matter most? If you want to be the best project manager you can be—no matter where you are in your career—you’ll find insights and observations of value in this webinar.

Task Duration Estimation Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Kevin Moorman

This Excel template is to be used in conjunction with the article Task Duration Estimation: A Simple Solution. Together, they can be used to conduct a Monte Carlo simulation. This will provide a statistically reliable method of estimating the minimum required time to schedule for any task so that its chance of success falls within a given confidence parameter.

Risk Register Tool

PREMIUM deliverable
by Mrinmoy Dutta

This Excel sheet contains a Risk Register with sections for quantitative and qualitative analysis, risk response planning and change control; along with a summary, a calculations table and more.

Project HEADWAY: What We’ve Learned From A Pandemic

PREMIUM presentation
by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

On the date of this webinar, it will have been just passed a year since the world went over the cliff-edge of Covid-19, and found our reality ever-changed. Plunged into a disaster that few saw coming (although the threads and warnings were out there), we have struggled to adapt and cope ever since. Employees and whole organizations transitioned from commuting to working at home, virtually overnight. Supply chains were radically overhauled. Our perceptions of “essential workers” were expanded, as was our awareness of the inequities and challenges that many of these workers face. For project managers, how project work has been coordinated and delivered has been significantly transformed. We have had to innovate on the fly, figuring out strategies to plan, coordinate and engage teams that are not just distant, but facing their own challenges. There have been successes and victories, and there have been challenges and roadblocks. This webinar serves as a much needed review of lessons observed, that hopefully we can all learn from.

Risk Management Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Anna Tulchinsky

Prevent problems on your project using this Excel template, which includes a Risk Registry with accompanying Risk Assessment and Risk Matrix sheets.

Project HEADWAY: What We Can Automate… And What We Can’t

PREMIUM presentation
by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

This webinar explores what is possible to automate, and also tries to help identify the limits of automation. It considers whether there are aspects of project management that will wholly be supported by automation, those instances where it might provide decision support and also those dimensions of the role that are likely to stubbornly resist automation for some time to come.

Communication Format Log

PREMIUM deliverable
by Verónica Elizabeth Pozo Ruiz

This Excel template allows you to keep track of various communication forms and technologies for your project, including the location, type and method. Alter the drop-down menus to suit your project.


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