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Task Duration Estimation Template

PREMIUM deliverable
by Kevin Moorman

This Excel template is to be used in conjunction with the article Task Duration Estimation: A Simple Solution. Together, they can be used to conduct a Monte Carlo simulation. This will provide a statistically reliable method of estimating the minimum required time to schedule for any task so that its chance of success falls within a given confidence parameter.

Task Progress Chart

PREMIUM deliverable
by Elok Robert Tee

In a traditional project environment, work may be rolling in for the project team as tasks—each task seen as a story from a product backlog. This worksheet is a tool to track progress of similar tasks on a weekly basis over a project duration. Use in conjunction with the Tracking Performance by Tasks article.

Team Management

PREMIUM presentation

Taking disparate individuals and putting them together to form a cohesive, functioning team is harder than herding cats. Now try managing them! This presentation contains guidelines you need to manage a project team successfully.

Team-Building Icebreakers

PREMIUM deliverable

They may seem simple at first, but icebreaking activities for teams can go a long way toward building a cohesive group that works well together, resulting in a successful project. Don't take them for granted...use this deliverable for help.

Telecommuting Legal/Financial Planning Checklist

PREMIUM checklist
by Joe Wynne

Even though there are many benefits to having workers telecommute, there are significant legal issues to deal with. This checklist will help you whether there is a detailed corporate policy or not.

Telecommuting Performance Management Planning Checklist

PREMIUM checklist
by Joe Wynne

Even though there are many benefits to workers telecommuting, there are special performance and communications issues that must be addressed. Use this checklist to more easily identify potential problems and solutions before schedules and budgets suffer.

Temporary Agency Agreement

PREMIUM deliverable

Planning to hire some temporary help? An agency is often your best bet, as long as you have an agreement that outlines how the relationship will work.

Testing Services Review Form

PREMIUM deliverable

This Testing Services Review Form outlines major factors to consider when testing software, middleware or Web-based applications.

Testing Tools Evaluation Form

PREMIUM deliverable

This Testing Tools Evaluation Form details a complete description of the expected level of service and performance to be provided by prospective testing tools.


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