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Negotiating a Software Development Project Schedule


You’ve come up with a schedule for your software development project. Now how do you get your clients or even your own corporate higher-ups to accept it? If you compress your schedule too much, you won’t meet anyone’s expectations of functionality, cost and timeframe, and your project might fail—right along with your project management career!

Negotiation Checklist

PREMIUM checklist
by Andy Jordan

This template provides a framework to help you identify the most important elements of a negotiation. Many people enter a negotiation without being prepared, and as a result they don’t achieve what they want. By planning for the negotiation with this template, you can develop a better strategy and understanding of your needs.

Net Present Value

PREMIUM deliverable

Learn how to discount future dollar values to transform future costs and benefits to their present value.

New Hire Checklist

PREMIUM checklist

Have you assigned your new hire a phone line yet? E-mail address? What about the computer? Welcoming new hires should never be a chore. Stay on top of things with this checklist.

New Hire Salary Form

PREMIUM deliverable

Here's a simple, complete form for recording new hire salary information.

Non-Conformance Report (NCR)

by Sameh Nasr

Need to document a non-conformance identified in a quality audit or other process review? This form helps you document the problem so that corrective action can be initiated. To be signed by the resident engineer, quality manager and contractor.

Notice to Start


Wow, things are moving right along! The customer has accepted the quotation, and now the work can start. Well, not just yet. You need to let the pertinent people in your own organization know that work is indeed starting and when. This form will do just that.


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"In opera, there is always too much singing."

- Claude Debussy

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