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Project Management 2.0

by Dave Garrett

New technologies, concepts, and Web 2.0 tools are popping up everywhere. How can you use them to help your project team collaborate, communicate - or just give your project an extra boost? [Contact Dave]

EPM Tips From The Pros

by Mike Mee, san retna,

If the value of Enterprise Portfolio Management is self evident, why have companies been so slow to adopt the practices? Join EPM leaders from The EPMC* in an engaging dialogue about building traction in enterprise portfolio management and optimizing portfolio investments. * Current EPMC founding member organizations include American Express, AAA, Coca Cola Enterprises, Chevron, Franklin Templeton, HP, Johnson&Johnson, Royal Caribbean Lines, Thorp Network, TransformAction and TransUnion.

Just My Thoughts

by Michael Wood

It's time to rethink the way we approach IT. For too long IT has been allowed to exist dysfunctionally within the enterprise on many levels. From CIO relationships to fundemental understanding on how to plan, build and support the needs of the business IT has been allowed to be more art than science.... What follows are my thoughts on a variety of topics within the IT space.


by Sunil Sharma

Ruminations about business of IT, new concepts, convergence of IT, PM and entrepreneurship and many other similar or dissimilar idiosyncratic ideas


by bob weinstein

You can learn a lot by observing and asking questions. But to shake things up, you have to get real ticked off about the important things that need fixing. The dangerous alternative is complacency.

Eye on the Workforce

by Joe Wynne

Workforce management is a key part of project success, but project managers often find it difficult to get trustworthy information on what really works. From interpersonal interactions to big workforce issues we'll look the latest research and proven techniques to find the most effective solutions for your projects.

Project Management For Real

by Mark Mullaly

Since 2001, the column "Project Management in Practice" has been read by thousands of visitors to Mark Mullaly has offered his insights, perspectives and observations about what really happens in organizations on a (mostly) monthly basis. The column confronts head-on the challenges that project managers confront on a regular basis, and strives to make sense of what happens when projects and organizations collide.
This blog takes a closer look at what happens when we try to manage projects “for real”. What really works, and what really doesn’t.

The Software Simplist

by Udi Dahan

Complexity - it creeps up on projects and slowly chokes the life out of them. By the time anyone notices, it's too late. "We're too close to the deadline to make those kind of changes", although we know that not making the changes will make the project even later. It's time for some simplicity.


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"What is the voice of song, when the world lacks the ear of taste?"

- Nathaniel Hawthorne



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