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Project Investment Summary

PREMIUM deliverable

The Project Investment Summary template helps you calculate the value of your project to the organization in very tangible, financial terms. (works best for projects that will produce actual cash and profits)

Business Case

PREMIUM deliverable

Mission-critical projects need to be well-justified, with clear goals that can be referenced throughout the life of the project. This business case template offers an excellent approach to goal-setting and a way to communicate those goals effectively.

Project HEADWAY Business Case

PREMIUM deliverable

The purpose of this document is to quantitatively justify the project. For smaller projects, the business case may be no more than 1-2 pages in length. For larger, more complex projects, the business case may be much larger and contain far more detail.

Project HEADWAY Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

PREMIUM deliverable

This template will help the project manager put together information from a Steering Committee Meeting in a way that will communicate that information effectively to the project team.

Project HEADWAY Project Proposal

PREMIUM deliverable
by Interthink

The purpose of the project proposal template is the first step to gain approval of a project moving forward. Similar to a project charter, it provides the initiator of the project with an avenue to document the purpose of the project, the objectives and the basic information needed to see the project approved through to the planning stage.

Project HEADWAY Risk Identification Form

PREMIUM deliverable
by Interthink

On any project, risks can have a huge impact on the success or failure of the project. The risk identification form allows anyone working on a project to identify a risk on a project and document the potential impact it may have should it occur. This template becomes the basis for the risk register allowing the project manager to extrapolate and summarize key pieces of data.

Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet

PREMIUM deliverable

Every project has stakeholders. Your job is to get to know the ones who will be crucial to your project. This analysis worksheet will help you get a feel for what to expect from various key parties who have an interest in your project.

How to Estimate Return on Investment (ROI)

PREMIUM deliverable

Sell your business case with a respectable return on investment. Here's how to calculate ROI. We've also thrown in an example so you can see how it all works.

Proposed Project Profile


This document will walk you through the steps of preparing a proposed project profile (PPP).


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