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The Proven and Practical Project Manager Toolkit: Information Mapping, Results Chains, and Benefits Register

by Daniel Sklar
December 17, 2019 | 60:13 | Views: 11,316 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.53 / 5

Every project manager should have a proven, practical, and powerful toolkit – of skills, techniques, processes, procedures, tools, and templates – to help a project or program's success. The toolkit should be proven (it works), practical (efficient and adaptable), and powerful (big impact). This webinar focuses on three proven, practical, and powerful tools: Information Mapping, Results Chains, and Benefits Registers.

Information Mapping


A technique used to map information needs to the activity work flow. Information mapping divides and labels information to facilitate comprehension, use, and recall. It was originally developed by Robert E. Horn.Stanford University: Robert Horn Curriculum Vitae



A technique used to make comparisons between two or more enterprise engineering deliverables and/or business objects. Typically, this technique is applied to check for completeness of the business reengineering solutions generated against customer needs and satisfiers.

Systems Component Mapping


This technique is used to locate, verify, document, and cross-reference vital, current physical system information. Systems Component Mapping is a first step to assess the current level of systems support, to determine what can be salvaged from existing systems to support reengineering opportunities, to uncover existing business...

Value Stream Mapping


Link titleCommunity Guide of the PMI-ACP|Community Guide of the PMI-ACP Value Driven Delivery|Value Driven Delivery

Mapping Out A Change

from Project Management 2.0 posted by Dave Garrett on

Situation: You think a change might be just what the doctor ordered...In hard times, industry experts always tell us to focus on process improvements with an eye toward cost reduction and competitive ...


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