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Objective Setting


This technique is used to set specific objectives for an enterprise as a whole and/or for a particular enterprise change project or initiative. An objective can be defined as a specific result the enterprise (or project) would like to achieve within a specified time period. Objectives differ from goals, where a goal is a specific tar...

Project Managing the Start-Up: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Project Managers

by Dr. Riaan Steenberg, MBA, PMP

There is a strong correlation between the success of a start-up and the extent to which the entrepreneur executes on the disciplines of finding customers, enabling operations and managing resources. How can entrepreneurs gain insight into the link between the methods needed to manage projects and the processes of establishing a business?

Sprint Planning: Are You Doing It Backwards?

by Bart Gerardi

Many agile teams craft their sprint goals in a bottoms-up fashion, using stories and tasks as their building blocks. But the mission of a sprint should be created from the top down, starting with what a successful iteration will look like. Here are four steps to create better sprint goals and a Sprint Goal Worksheet.

Setting Objectives

from Just My Thoughts posted by Michael Wood on

Many of us are asked to set goals and objectives for our organizations, departments, teams and selves.  Most of us have no idea how to create objectives that add value to our ability to focus and get ...

A Question for the Customer: Half Empty or Half Full?

by Zaheer Ahmad Awan

Many project managers set project objectives without properly understanding customer needs, often resulting in failure. It’s your job to understand what the customer wants: a glass half full or half empty.


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