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The Wonderful World of Power Skills: Achieving Exceptional Performance

Mar 19, 2024 11:00 AM EDT (UTC-4)
PREMIUM webinar

Success does not just happen—it is made to happen! Success is born of behaviors and choices that lead to exceptional performance. Based on Neal’s new book, Power Skills that Lead to Exceptional Performance, Neal reveals 10 critical, best-practice, results-oriented Power Skills that can promote your professional and personal success. Implementing some of these Power Skills may initially cause your palms to sweat and your heart to race. However, your personal limitations at work and across your life are directly impacted by your willingness and tenacity to deliberately embrace and execute on these Power Skills.

PMI Training Virtual - March 2024

March 18-21, 2024 | online

Unlock your potential with our expert-led courses. Whether you want to boost your leadership skills, enhance project management capabilities, or take the next step in your career, we’re here for you. Our trainings, tailored for project managers by project management experts, are available both in-person and virtually. With 100+ interactive small-group sessions to choose from, ranging from 1 hour to 4 days, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your professional development.

Hybrid Project Management: Fit-for-Purpose to Drive Performance

Mar 12, 2024 11:00 AM EDT (UTC-4)
PREMIUM webinar

The latest Pulse of the Profession research from PMI shows a significant increase in the use of hybrid project management approaches. Organizations are finding that, by using the most appropriate techniques from both agile and predictive, they can create a fit-for-purpose approach that meets their unique needs.

Emerging Trends in Risk Management in the Experience (Post-knowledge) Era

Mar 8, 2024 10:00 AM EST (UTC-5)
PREMIUM webinar

The webinar discusses the importance of keeping up with emerging trends in risk management for successful project delivery, especially in the current Experience/Post-Knowledge Era. It highlights the constantly evolving nature of risk management and the need to stay ahead of emerging risks. As part of the learning goals, participants will learn trends in areas such as strategic risk management, AI use, data-driven risk management, project resilience, and risk assessment and mitigation strategies. The webinar aims to empower project managers with the knowledge and skills to effectively detect, understand, and respond to emerging risks, enabling them to deliver projects on time and within budget while minimizing risks.

Catastrophic Project Change

Mar 6, 2024 2:00 PM EST (UTC-5)
PREMIUM webinar

What do you do when your project is under attack by current events you cannot control? What is up is down and down is now up. The normal planning and change models are not meant to be operated this way. What to do?

Context Analysis


A technique used to scope a process or an activity within a process. For the process or activity, examine the inputs (starting points), outputs (results or ending conditions), interfaces to other processes or activities, and external agents such as customers, regulators, suppliers, etc.

Entity Relationship Modeling


Entity relationship modeling enables us to describe business information (data) and its inherent structure. The entity relationship model is represented as a diagram, known as the entity relationship diagram (ERD). This diagram is used to show our understanding of data and is one of the components of the information architecture. This model is also used in later stages of business system design and development.

Transition Planning


A set of techniques to address all aspects of transitioning to a new environment. The key aspects of change that must be addressed are managerial (M), operational (O), social (S), and technical (T).

Candidate Entity Type and Activity Analysis


A technique used to identify and analyze the corresponding entities and activities needed to satisfy customer requirements. 'Results of applying the technique are incorporated into building an information architecture.

Team Building


A set of techniques used to help project teams learn, grow, and develop into more effective teams. The techniques can be applied throughout the project lifecycle, during team meetings, and/or workshops to facilitate team member affiliation (see Workshops and Facilitation).


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