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Artificial Emotional Intelligence and its Wide-Ranging Impact on Projects and Society

PREMIUM presentation
by Ricardo Vargas, Andre Barcaui

Artificial emotional intelligence promises to revolutionize the way companies do business. With it, robots will be able to understand, react to and mimic human emotions. This will provide several benefits and challenges to projects globally. In this webinar, Ricardo and Andre aim to discuss the potential benefits, use cases and challenges of using AI and generative AI to scan emotions and human behavior to improve project results.



Accountability is an individual's requirement to accept the consequences, both positive and negative, for activities and actions. Often, an individual in a leadership position is held accountable for actions taken by subordinate team members.

Thinking Sustainability in ERP Implementations

by Jason Coe

Organizations need to become more sustainable, and this requires changing interactions with customers and suppliers. Here the author outlines how project managers can embed sustainability practices in a new ERP implementation, or run a separate sustainability project for existing ERP systems.

Can Companies Ever Save Money by Eliminating a PM?

by Andy Jordan

In an effort to reduce costs—and citing technology that can supposedly automate and streamline some tasks—companies might be convinced they can eliminate one or more project manager positions. Here's why that is a horrible idea.

PRINCE2 - Overview


PRINCE stands for: PRojects IN Controlled Enviroments , While 2 stands for the version.

PMI Community Numbers June 2024

by PMI

Welcome to PMI Community Numbers, a new monthly feature we will share on to keep you informed about all the exciting activity and growth in our large community!

AI in Project Management: Best Practices From Our Project

by Marly Nilsson

PMI Sweden led an extraordinary exploration of artificial intelligence and its impact on project professionals, resulting in multiple reports, webinars, articles and more. Here, read about key success factors that can inspire you to pursue your own dream projects.

Learned Helplessness and Lost Value

by Joseph Russell

Failing to keep employees engaged at work causes long-lasting heartache for HR, supervisors, and senior executives. And it’s detrimental to the growth of any organization’s most precious resource: its people. Here are some solutions to try.


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Solutions are not the answer.

- Richard M. Nixon