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What Makes a Successful Consultant?

by Andy Jordan

There are a lot of consultants operating in the project space, but they aren’t all of equal quality. What sets the good ones apart? Here are four qualities you must embrace to excel—and have longevity.

Speak Up or Shut Up? The 'So What?' Principle to the Rescue!

by Lonnie Pacelli

Applying the “So what?” principle can help you decide when it’s important to speak up...or clam up. For better discretion on engaging with others who have differing points of view, give these points a look.

Do You Exhibit the Traits of a Difference Maker?

by Michael Wood

Some people always seem ready to jump into action, rise to the occasion, and get the job done. They are game-changing difference makers, and exhibit these traits. Are you a difference maker? Do you work with any?

Career Crossroads: What Can PMs Do When They Max Out Opportunities?

by Andy Jordan

Many PMs reach a point where there aren’t any more options to take on larger projects without making a significant shift—potentially an industry change. Regardless of where you currently are in your PM journey, consider the options that might be available to you next.

The Future of Work Isn’t What You Think It Will Be

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

It's time we address the continuing fallacy of the "Next Big Thing." The future of work will in some ways be radically different. It will also be, in many respects, stubbornly the same. Technology changes quickly. People, politics and organizations do not.

Is AI in Danger of ‘Jumping the Shark’?

by Andy Jordan

The “smart” craze with products has officially gone to ridiculous extremes (app-enabled toothbrushes?!). With artificial intelligence boldly going where no smart technology has gone before, there's a danger that it will quickly go too far.


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"Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made president should on no account be allowed to do the job."

- Douglas Adams