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Baselining the Scope

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Baselining the schedule dates is the easy part. Trying to baseline the scope will be much more difficult. So how do you go about baselining the scope? Keep these four tips in mind.

Bash PMI? How About Thanks?

by Mark Price Perry

People seem to think that the Project Management Institute is all about pushing burdensome, plan-driven, pre-codified approaches. Quite the contrary, PMI provides the worldwide platform, leadership and knowledge to help the community figure out what works, and it was on display in the person of PMI president Mark Langley at a recent event.

Basic KM Components

by compiled by George Ball

Use these definitions for a quick knowledge management refresher course.

Basics of Cloud Computing

by Michael Wood

Cloud Computing is the newest buzzword in the IT world, but is it really all that new? Here's a quick primer to take away any remaining mystery surrounding this latest technology and to help you decide if it's worth embracing.



The basis is the specific rationale, typically hard metrics, for arriving at a particular estimate. This term is used for any type of estimate, including cost, time, resrouces, etc....

Batch Specification Template


Need to design any job steps as batch procedures? Here's a comprehensive template to use in specifying how the procedure should be coded and all the pertinent associated information.

Batting .500

by Andre Leclerc

How good were my predictions for 2002? Let's run the numbers.

Battle Burnout

by Erick Lauber, Ph.D.

There are six fundamental reasons (besides money) that most people enjoy their work. If you are feeling run down or disinterested in your job, consider if any or many of these key motivators are missing, and then resolve to do something about it in the New Year!

Battle Royale: ITSM vs. CRM

by Michael Wood

Ever stop to think what the differences are between ITIL Service Level Management and mainstream Customer Relationship Management functions? Are they complementary to each other? Is CRM contained within SLM, or visa versa? The answers are a click away...

Battling Misconceptions About PMOs

by Umme Tameem Qazi

Every PMO comes into existence with a specific purpose tied to two aspects: an organization's strategic foresight, and resolving problems plaguing successful delivery of outcomes. This article attempts to straighten the skewed perception of the PMO's role and address some of the so-called "stigmas" persecuting it.


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If we do not succeed, then we run the risk of failure.

- Dan Quayle