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Back to Scrum Basics

by Dave Prior

Agile trainer (and cartoonist) Mike Vizdos discusses Scrum from four perspectives: starting, practicing, coaching and leading. He says we can't scale Scrum before we succeed at the team level, and we can never forget the basics. He's created a free audio book of the Scrum Guide to help. [25 min.]

Back to the Future as a Real Leader

by Joe Wynne

Being a leader means being out ahead of the rest of the workforce (no matter how far behind you feel). Here's how to frame the future when planning your communication.

Back to the Past (Part 1)

by Bob Weinstein

John DeLorean was the automotive giant who went down in flames. Here we look at his ascent through the automotive ranks, from talented engineer and project manager to tough executive and automotive entrepreneur.

Back to the Past (Part 2)

by Bob Weinstein

As our history lesson continues, find out how John DeLorean distinguished himself as an innovative PM and engineer at Packard and went on to make his mark at General Motors.

Back to the Past (Part 3)

by Bob Weinstein

As our history lesson continues, we see how the success of the GTO gave John DeLorean almost rock-star-like fame in the automotive world.

Back to the Past (Part 4)

by Bob Weinstein

As our PM history lesson continues, we learn how the transformation of John DeLorean led to his break with GM and the launching of his own car company.

Back to the Past (Part 5)

by Bob Weinstein

As our PM history lesson concludes, find out what happened to John DeLorean, his empire--and the legend and mystique he left behind.

Back to the PM Future!

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

To look into the future--more often than not--you must first look back. But if we are to do that and look ahead to envision what the future of project management might look like 10, 20 or even 100 years from now, looking at how the past envisioned the future may help point us in the right direction and show us where that journey into the future is headed. So what did the future look like, in the past?

Back to the Project Management Future

by Michelle Stronach

Looking back, project management has come a long way since the 1950s, but where are we going in the future? Better sharpen your pencils, because our vocation is about to get even more professional...

Background Blitz (Part 1)

by Bob Weinstein

Flunk a background check and you’re history. This story takes a hard look at the background check process--what companies look for and how to prepare for them.


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