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Background Blitz (Part 2)

by Bob Weinstein

Just what can you do to ensure a smooth background check and minimize potential problems at your new job? The answers lie within...



The PMI Agile Community Backlog is a collection of backlogs from several teams with the following themes :

Backlog Refinement: 5 Things to Avoid

by Bart Gerardi

Backlog refinement sessions offer many benefits, but there are also well-intentioned activities—or antipatterns— that can be detrimental to the team. Here are five backlog refinement antipatterns to avoid, from focusing on estimates to removing requirements too quickly.

Backseat Leader

by ProjectsAtWork

Project leaders know about the challenges of managing initiatives without official authority or long-term resource commitments. And some of the same skills they use to succeed can drive positive change in their organizations. Here, the authors of Leading Business Change For Dummies, share 10 ways to lead change when someone else is running the show.

Bad Attitudes

by Tom Kendrick

If your project has adversaries, participants who are hostile or reluctant to contribute, it can damage team cohesion and threaten the outcome. You must confront the problem early on, taking steps to win them over to allies, minimize their negative impact, or remove them from the effort entirely.

Bad Business?

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Business cases aren't really bad. They're just written that way. The business case is one of the most common tools used to justify proceeding forward with a project. While it is theoretically the basis for objectively evaluating an investment decision, it is all too often used as a means of justification more than it is examination and exploration. Are you guilty of this sin?

Bad Decisions

by Michael Menard

Without short-term reinforcement of long-term goals, our program and portfolio objectives remain mirages and greatly affect our decision-making ability. From wishful thinking to oversimplification to outright avoidance, here are the top five pitfalls that lead to poor organizational decisions.

Bad Ideas

by Curt Wang

How do good leaders “put the kibosh” on bad ideas? By knowing how to reject or redirect them in a constructive, collaborative manner — without rejecting the person. Here are six practical tips for handling this tricky situation with patience and panache.


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