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Can You Relate?

by Andy Jordan

When you find yourself working with team members whose perspectives, motivations and approaches are different than yours, you must walk a fine line. You can’t abandon what has worked for you in the past, but you need to relate and adjust to the new dynamics — or risk resentment and failure. Here are some suggestions.

Can You Review?

by Elizabeth Harrin

If you are asked to review a project, you’ll want to provide what you would expect to receive if the roles were reversed: concise, unbiased insight into the project’s health, and, if appropriate, actionable recommendations to improve it. Here’s expert advice on how to prepare for and conduct constructive project reviews.

Can You Say ‘No’ to Changes Anymore?

by Andy Jordan

In today’s continuously evolving work environment, change is a way of life for project managers and teams. But does that mean that all changes have to be accepted?

Can Your Assets Raise Cash?

by Sunil Sharma

Like factoring, Asset Based Lending is a big industry and one of the most popular methods of securing commercial-industrial short-term credit. Do you know it and what it can do for you?

Can Your Portfolio Pivot?

by Tom Mochal

How quickly does your organization respond to new critical needs? Does it cancel projects or move resources from others, causing delays? Optimizing the portfolio based on when projects end as opposed to when they start allows for a more agile response to change.

Can Your Project Recover and Restart After a Crisis?

by Joe Wynne

Most contingency plans and business continuity plans have a facility orientation rather than a project orientation. Use these tips to make sure your project can recover and restart.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

by Shari Frisinger

Project managers have the difficult task of overseeing diverse teams, and finding ways to motivate and keep them functioning in harmony. While this often may seem like an impossible task, especially as organizations cut resources and spending, it’s doable. Understanding these six workplace personality types can go a long way.

Canceling a Project

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Ideally, every project ends in success, on time and on budget. In the real world, projects are canceled--and the project manager needs to be ready for this eventuality.


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