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Can We Just Kill the EPMO Already?

by Andy Jordan

This PM has had enough of EPMOs. They were a good idea implemented badly, and we need a new model. He proposes…the EPMO?!

Can We Please Stop Talking About Agile Transformation?

by Andy Jordan

Organizations need to be agile. Organizations need to transform. But organizations don’t need agile transformations. What they really want to create is an environment where they can deliver optimal performance levels for many years to come without significant ongoing change initiatives.

Can We Relate? Connecting Superior Service to Superior Staff

by Mike Donoghue

Customer service, in all its capacities, begins at the staff level. However, it should not be considered a personal responsibility or even one simply defined within specific occupational roles; instead, it needs to be integrated as part of the daily activities of an organization and incorporated into the very being of its operation.

Can We Still Be Agile?

by Mike Griffiths

How does work from home impact our use of agile approaches? If co-location is no longer possible, can we still be agile? Let's address the co-location question and look at agile practices in remote work situations.

Can We Talk?

by George Ball

Talk isn't cheap, but it is often the only way to get the knowledge you really need. The best way to share information in the pursuit of actionable knowledge is by getting together and talking, and what is really needed is real, in-depth dialogue. Capice?


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"Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric."

- Bertrand Russell