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Getting (and Keeping) the ERP Workforce

by Miriam Ziemelis

Enterprise systems is one of the toughest markets to recruit for right now. Qualified candidates are in top demand, so expect to have to recruit and retain accordingly. Effective companies need to arm themselves with effective tools of the trade: education, retention and investment.

Getting Back to Our Roots

by Winnie Liem

With the profession moving forward into new territory, let us reflect and look back at our roots to ensure we are bringing forward those key lessons for continued success on our projects, programs and portfolios.

Getting Beta with Statistical PERT

by William Davis

How confident are you in your estimates? Meet Statistical PERT, a probabilistic estimation technique for use with any bell-shaped uncertainty like task duration, work effort, agile story points, cost, revenue, event attendance and more. The Statistical PERT Beta Edition uses the built-in statistical functions inside Microsoft Excel 2010 and later.

Getting Buy-in From Different Project Stakeholders

by Stephanie Jaeger, PMP, BBA, PMO

Early on in your project/change management process, you need to plan for how you’ll get relevant buy-in from everyone. To ease this process, there are a lot of different tools at your disposal...

Getting Comfortable with PMBOK

by Bruce Garrod

Are you starting the process of getting ready for the CAPM or PMP exam? Are you confused by the many articles that talk about the differences between PMBOK editions? The goal of this article is to clear away some of that confusion.

Getting Comfortable With Uncertainty

by Andy Jordan

Nothing is ever certain in project management, but how can new project managers embrace that uncertainty with confidence?

Getting Connected

by James Tull

A design firm improves financial management by using Terminal Server software to link offices.

Getting Control of IT

by David Weiss

While a variety of approaches to portfolio management have been documented, most require significant enterprise change, investment and risk. Here is an implementation approach that can bypass many of the major cultural, technical and organizational challenges that typically add risk, cost and complexity.

Getting Down and Scrummy

by Michael Wood

How can you adapt Scrum-like tools and techniques within a Waterfall project management environment? What can you do to reduce resistance and reap the benefits Scrum has to offer? In short, how can you get down and Scrummy within a Waterfall world? Here are some ideas you might find useful.

Getting Engaged

by Mike Griffiths

Agile methods make the most of closer ties to the business and customer to get rapid feedback on functionality. This works great when customer engagement is high--but runs into problems when engagement is lacking. Learn about some warning signs and engagement models that can help.


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