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Get Participants to Sing at Your Post Mortem (Part 2 of 3)

by Joe Wynne

Just when you thought it was safe to stop singing, our series is back. Chances are that you experienced workforce management problems in your last project that you would definitely like to expunge from your next project. Maybe just thinking about these things gives you a face tic. The solution will be in an effective post mortem. Address workforce management issues and expect some high-quality (if not heated) discussions related to improvements you thought were impossible as this series continues.

Get Participants to Sing at Your Post Mortem (Part 3 of 3)

by Joe Wynne

That lady has been singing for a while, but it's not over yet. Address workforce management issues and expect some high-quality (if not heated) discussions related to improvements you thought were impossible with the conclusion of our three-part series.

Get Picky

by Joe Wynne

If you have to pick something, pick your people. Great leaders know the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people. If only you could get these great leaders to work for you. Here’s the next best thing.

Get Risks Identified…Even When It's Tough

by Joe Wynne

When the going gets tough in project risk management, you have to get tough with your tactics. Get the key participants you need in the session through proactive invitee management. Get the risks identified during the session by using pre-selected, mentally stimulating terms and phrases.

Get Smart: Decision-making

by Andy Jordan

Are you putting your PMO in the position to make the right decisions every time? While the PMO has many functions, one of the most important is to facilitate decision-making--either by senior project stakeholders or within their own teams as escalation points for project managers. In this article, we look at how to ensure that we are as effective as possible in that process.

Get Social with Your Innovation

by Braden Kelley

If your organization has lost the courage to move innovation to its center and has gotten stuck in a project-focused, reactive innovation approach, now is your chance to regain the higher ground and refocus—not on having innovation success, but on building innovation capability. Are you up to the challenge?

Get Some Perspective

by Lisa Earle McLeod

The way we frame our project issues can limit our ability to solve them. But innovative thinking is not just about creativity. It’s about harnessing good ideas that solve specific problems for a specific opportunity. Here are three strategies to make innovation a more repeatable, predictable process on your projects.

Get Switched On!

by Chip Eichelberger 
January 07, 2013 | 66:13 | Views: 3,928 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.51 / 5

Chip taps into the hidden potential inside each one of us and shows how the power of making even one new decision can ignite tremendous performance improvements

Get the Balance Right

by Vincent McGevna

What does it take to be a good project manager? Many believe the ability to plan and manage scope, schedule and budget can be applied to any project. Others believe that domain experience is more important. Some say both take a back seat to soft skills. But it’s not an either/or debate. It’s a balance that must be built.

Get the Green Light Right

by Karen Klein

Too many complex, costly initiatives are justified by frantic hand waving, happy talk and hazy platitudes. So how do you build better business cases? Here’s a five-stage process that extends from the executive suite to the operational level, and measures a project’s tangible impact throughout the organization.


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