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Keep Your Cool

by Dr. Rhonda Savage

When dealing with difficult team members, you need to set some boundaries, expectations and guidelines, and then hold them accountable for their behavior. Here are some tips, whether you are a project manager or teammate.

Keep Your Options Open

by Dave Prior

We need more options and fewer commitments, says Jabe Bloom, who helps organizations be more agile in their decision-making through Real Options Theory. It requires engaging with uncertainty, creating and keeping options open as long as possible, and then figuring out the optimal moment to choose. [23:30]

Keep Your Project Workforce Agile

by Joe Wynne

You have a role in the organization’s effort to be more agile. Don’t think it will be a thankless effort, though. If you play your cards right, you can attain documentable evidence of your leadership and improve your career advancement.

Keeping Chaos Out of Complexity

by Sandra A. Swanson

Ambiguity is a part of every project. Pinning down the knowns and anticipating the unknowns starts in the planning stages and should be standard operating procedure every step of the way. As the complexity of a project or program rises, though, elements and participants interact in increasingly unforeseeable ways. This article discusses how to keep chaos out of complex endeavors.

Keeping Clients Happy

by Mike Donoghue

In reading articles about the worst companies to work for (and their practices), there are many common elements that helped them qualify for such a distinction. Several of them focus on a symbiosis of employee and customer satisfaction.

Keeping Competition Healthy

by Andy Jordan

Not everyone can be assigned to the exciting, high-profile projects--and that can cause some frustration and animosity. How do organizations ensure project team competitiveness remains healthy?

Keeping Portfolio Management Simple

by Wanda Curlee

As a core team member who helped develop the Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)® certification, this writer was eager to see the certification blossom. What better way than to attend PMI's PMO Symposium and speak about the merits of the certification--and more importantly, portfolio management?

Keeping PPM Simple

by Steve Chamberlin

Practice portfolio leadership, not project management…and use this how-to checklist to help you do it.

Keeping Scope Controlled

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

One of the hardest parts of leading a project is keeping the scope controlled. It may not make you any friends to practice good scope management, but it will help the projects stay successful. Take a step back and make sure you know the basics of when, where, what and how to manage the scope on a project.


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