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Lead With Purpose, Not Process

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Just because you embrace process and organize by structure doesn’t mean you need to lead with it. Process may be your super power. It can also stay in your back pocket, hidden from sight—and be all the more magical for being there.

Lead Your Team — And Yourself

by Joelle Jay

As a project leader, one of your key tasks is to keep your teams motivated. To do so, you remind your people of the company vision, hold them accountable to targets and goals, mentor them, and support their work. But how does the one who motivates others every day stay motivated as well?

Lead Your Team Through Change

by Chuck Inman

When you understand the three phases of change, you have a much better chance to reach your objectives. Here are four impportant steps to help your team navigate the phases of change — from creating a clear view and moving quickly, to communicating continuously and recognizing early achievements.

Lead Yourself First

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

One of the possible reasons for so many ruminations on leadership is that we have arrived at the same place with leadership as we have with so many other topics: good leadership depends.

Leader of the Pack: Megan Ferland, Girl Scouts of Colorado

By practicing project management, organizations can realize many initiatives. This article features the CEO of the Girl Scouts of Colorado discussing how she spearheaded the introduction of project management methodologies into her organization to meet the needs of its large and dispersed group of stakeholders. The article reveals how project management is helping the organization:

Leader’s Guide to Help Employees Understand the Company Vision

PREMIUM deliverable
by Dennis Torrecampo

True leaders know that you can't achieve much without your loyal followers. This document will get your team on board and focused by teaching you how to convey your overall vision to them. Once your team has a clear shared vision, success is much easier to find.

Leaders are Teachers, too

by Neal Whitten

The greatest value I often bring to the mentor-mentee relationship is validation that the mentee is headed down the right path.

Leaders Must Embrace Discomfort

by Quint Studer

Taking actions that create discomfort in ourselves and others is difficult. Yet that is an inescapable part of a leader’s job. From asking questions to owning the message, here are some tips for handling the “unsettling” that change brings, and why it’s worth it in the end.

Leaders Press On

by Rick Morris , Paul Gustavson

Rick will interview Paul Gustavson, Co-Founder and CTO of Simventions. Paul is passionate about leadership and innovation.

Leaders: 3 Innovative Environments and 10 Important Skills

by Harvey A. Robbins Brian Cohn Gina Lund Kimberly Johnson Mick Kuehn
March 26, 2015 | 61:03 | Views: 22,247 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.22 / 5

This one-hour virtual workshop is broken down into two parts…plus a Q&A. The first part outlines the three critical innovative environments great leaders create and the 10 most important skills great leaders possess. The second part describes in detail the single most critical tool used to create active/engaged followers…versatility.


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