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New Practitioners: Avoiding Credential Overload

by Bruce Harpham

When you are a new practitioner—especially if you are a new graduate—you may fall into the credential trap. It’s the belief that earning one more degree, credential or certification will skyrocket your career. There are a few other significant ways that new practitioners can initially keep growing.

New Practitioners: Keeping Pace with Change

by Kevin Coleman

As a new practitioner, there is one thing you can count on: continuous change. It is something you must address throughout your career as a program or project manager.

New Problems, Old Project

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

It never fails--at the end of the project, a whole lot of problems start cropping up. Tracking these problems in the flurry of activities occurring at the end of a project can be difficult. How can you handle these appropriately?

New Project, New People, New Problems?

by Mike Donoghue

Got yourself a new project? Congratulations. Got any idea as to who you are going to have working with you? Chances are, you have your work cut out for you.

New Requirements? No, Weak BA!

by Dmitri Khanine

Are you still blaming users for new requirements? Why is this all happening? Is it because of the lack of discipline among requirements holders, who just keep on asking for different things—often late in our projects—throwing a monkey wrench into our schedules and budgets?

New Scrum Horizons

by Dave Prior

Stephen Denning, author of “The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management” and thought leader on innovation and organizational storytelling, recently joined the Scrum Alliance board of directors. Here, he discusses what drew him to Agile thinking and his efforts to bring the spirit of Scrum to new environments and to make it more resilient, scalable and sustainable. [15:15]

New Sheriff in Town

by Andy Jordan

What’s the effect on a PMO when leadership changes? When someone comes into a new role--especially one as visible as a department head--it can be tempting to want to make an early impact, but is that the right mindset? Here, we explore some of the things to consider.

New Thinking in Crisis Management

by Bob Weinstein

Crisis management is finally getting the recognition it deserves. This article is going to explore crisis management's newest thinking and hone in on its top priorities, along with best practices and tips.


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