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On the Road to Excellence

Four critical functions form the foundation of a Project Management Center of Excellence.

On the Road to Maturity

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

In pursuing project management maturity, what capabilities make sense and when does the law of diminishing returns kick in? How do you sell and implement an improvement program, and what activities have the greatest impact in leveraging ongoing change? This article begins a research-based series that will shed light on these and other questions.

On the Social PPM Fence?

by Neil Stolovitsky

Many organizations are on the fence about integrating social media tools into their project portfolio management infrastructures. They know about potential benefits in collaboration, but also worry about the dangers of undisciplined, unstructured information sharing. Here are six questions to gauge your organization’s social PPM readiness.

On Time Within Budget

Author: E. M. Bennatan | ISBN: 0-471-37644-2

Real-life case studies give you guidance on keeping your project cost-effective and timely. The advice in this book is applicable in small or large companies, local or multinational.

On Track?

by Luc K. Richard

Learn how to identify requirement gaps in larger software development projects--before it's too late.

On Whose Authority?

by Vincent McGevna

Many project managers complain that they don’t have any real authority over their teams — and they don’t if authority is about command and control. But we can earn a different type of authority, one that is more effective in the world of projects anyway. It is based on postion and relationship power.

On Winning: Make Yourself the Prize

by Mishirika Scott

Many project practitioners are "waiting for Superman" to revive their careers. But as future change agents, building back better should start with the individual. The call of action is to win—and win big—by first making yourself the prize.

On Your Mark... The Agile Launch

by Karen Klein

Without proper management and planning, major product launches can become derailed quickly and lose money as soon as they hit the market. Add to that a fire-drill mentality where project managers pull financial and human resources from other initiatives within an organization, and the ripple effect becomes easy to predict. The solution, some experts say, is enterprise project management based on agile methodology.


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