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Objective Comparison of Project Complexity and Performance of Project Managers in the Banking Environment (Template)

by Ivan Poliacik, PhD, PMP

Evaluation of project manager performance after completion can be a challenging part of any project. Use of objective criteria to measure project complexity should supplement evaluation of scope-time-budget performance and subjective factors. The author provides a comparison matrix, designed for a banking environment, that can be applied to any area of project management. The comparison matrix can also be published to the team, to compare performance with colleagues and for self-evaluation. Use this template in conjunction with the Knowledge Shelf article Objective Comparison of Project Complexity and Performance of Project Managers in the Banking Environment.

Objective Measurement of Sustainability


If Quality was the key word in the industrial scene of 20th century, Sustainability has taken its place in the next century. After witnessing devastating floods, hurricanes and unbelievable climatic changes in almost all parts of the world, everyone has started taking their own survival a bit more seriously now. Science and Technology personnel hav...

Objective Setting


This technique is used to set specific objectives for an enterprise as a whole and/or for a particular enterprise change project or initiative. An objective can be defined as a specific result the enterprise (or project) would like to achieve with...

Object-Oriented Project Management (O2PM) Objectizing Work

by K.R. Chandrashekar

Most of the project management methodologies are task based, thus demanding the project manager orchestrate continuously to maintain the health of the project. O2PM is a new project management methodology that marries two well-developed areas—object-oriented analysis and project management. In O2PM, we move away from the task-based allocation of work to the deliverable-based allocation of work, which will bring about many changes in the way we look at work allocation and monitoring.

Observations from Orlando: PMOs are Embracing Change

by Ben Chamberlain

The Gartner Program & Portfolio Management Summit is generally regarded as one of the premier events for project management professionals. This year, many of the event’s attendees were actively taking steps toward embracing the changes that Gartner continues to warn us will one day rock our worlds. One attendee explores his experience.

Obstacles to Enterprise Agility

by Michael James, CollabNet Certified Scrum Trainer

Most attempts to adopt Scrum in large organizations do not result in durable, ongoing transformation. Obstacles to Scrum adoption are usually obstacles to business success in general, and established organizations are usually reluctant to let go of them. Here we look at seven obstacles to enterprise agility, where bad thinking is half the problem.

Obtaining Useful Customer Feedback

white paper

Getting your customers' feedback can help you understand best what they want, need and liked or disliked. Gathering feedback is often seen as a means to an end, rather than a proactive continuous way to better your overall strategy.

Obtendo Agilidade em um Ambiente de Preços Fixos

by Jesse Fewell
May 05, 2012 | 64:00 | Views: 168 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.27 / 5

Os especialistas com foco em métodos ágeis declaram que os projetos de preços fixos são imorais e também dizem que só se pode conseguir agilidade mediante cronogramas e pressupostos flexíveis. Mas o que acontece no mundo real?

Occam’s Razor for Work Breakdown Structure and Three-Dimensional Time Scheduling

by Oleksandr Tugayev

This article is about Deliverables – Activities – Time (DAT) charts—a new three-dimensional presentation of the classic instruments in project management: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Gantt and PERT charts. The aim is to create simpler and more presentable project management charts.

Occupation or Vocation?

by Jay Hicks

One of the many challenges that we face as we develop professionally is the vexing question of the pursuit of our dreams versus paying the bills. That's because many of us have yet to discern the difference between our occupation and our vocation.


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