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On Being Patiently Persistent

by Michelle Stronach

We need individuals to have their own mind so that the team has the advantage of diverse thought. It takes tremendous patience to give individuals the room and time to contribute in their way--and persistence to continuously bring the team back together for what matters.

On Being Practically Agile

by Tim Michaud

An agile methodology need not be considered the antithesis of a structured project management approach. In fact, agile-run projects can satisfy both the innovators and traditionalists within an organization when certain practical principles are incorporated and communicated. Here are some field-tested examples.

On Demand

by Curt Finch

From low cost of entry to no installation headaches, the benefits of the software-as-service model are attracting users in the project management technology arena. But there are potential drawbacks, including security and business continuity issues, so organizations must carefully vet vendors before signing on.

On Methodology And Execution

by Stephen Lynn

An academic research study explores the importance of project management best practices and methodologies to strategic execution in organizations. This executive summary of the findings supports some general views of previous studies but also maps out a framework for further inquiry.


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"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

- Thomas Edison