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On Program Management: Beyond Delivery

by Eric S. Norman

Here the author shares thoughts about how projects and programs are often delivered—focusing on some considerations for improving outcomes—and comments about what we as leaders who oversee organizational initiatives can do to be more effective.

On Program Management: Knowing What to Do...and How and When to Do It (Part 1)

by Eric S. Norman

There are a number of leadership and organizational competencies that must be in place to enable an organization to adopt and institutionalize adaptability, or what some would call “organizational agility.” But simply internalizing these concepts is not getting the job done, and understanding the approach isn’t sufficient. Beyond knowing what to do, we also need to know how and when to do it.

On Program Management: The End of the PMO

by Eric S. Norman

Let’s face it: In the project/program/portfolio management world, delivering real value seems to be the most elusive aspect of any PMO. And because of this, the PMO seems to be one of the first places organizational leaders look to “right-size” or “optimize,” reducing the impact and potential value PMOs might generate for their organizations.

On Target

by Aaron Smith

Raytheon is developing new radar for F/A-18 aircraft. How does it keep a $100 million program from crashing?

On the Bright Side

by Adriana Beal

We’re good at scrutinizing problems, but many project managers and business analysts could do a better job of fostering positive change and improving future results by giving more attention to the “bright spots” on projects — those flashes of success that often go unnoticed when other things go wrong.

On The Critical, Realistic Path

by Gopal Kapur

Any project where the critical path has been breached is in trouble; how much trouble depends on the degree of delay.


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