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Off The Shelf

by Kathy Bradford and Lori Vaughan

Northrop Grumman Mission Systems analysts are using new modeling methods to better estimate schedule, cost and effort of projects that involve the integration of commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and software into existing systems.

Offer Letter


The hard part is done--you've found your candidate. Now make sure to include everything in the offer letter.

Office Makeover

by Christina Couch

Workspace renovation projects can deliver big benefits if teams focus on strategic needs—not passing fads.

Office Space

by George Spafford

Opening a project office takes a great deal of planning. Pay close attention to detail to keep both your budget and schedule on track--and to create an effective office. This story will give you some helpful tips on avoiding the office blues.

Office Support

by Projects@Work

A project office maturity model can plant the seeds for senior management support.

Office With A View

by Aaron Smith

Though PMO value may still be fuzzy, more organizations are starting to get a better picture.


by Stephen C. Hawald

Although the benefits of a program management office -- standardized practices and methods, increased productivity and efficiency, reduced costs -- are clear, many organizations lack the means or experience to set one up successfully. Here are 10 indispensable steps for building a PMO that delivers value.

Offshore Analysis

by Sunil Sharma

A recently published study says that the IT outsourcing landscape is changing in surprising ways.

Offshore Oversight

by George Spafford

Everyone is quick to damn corporations for outsourcing jobs overseas. Without a doubt, many people in IT and other segments of the economy are concerned about the flow of jobs overseas. What's interesting is that they overlook the causality associated with this movement.


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