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On Track?

by Luc K. Richard

Learn how to identify requirement gaps in larger software development projects--before it's too late.

On Whose Authority?

by Vincent McGevna

Many project managers complain that they don’t have any real authority over their teams — and they don’t if authority is about command and control. But we can earn a different type of authority, one that is more effective in the world of projects anyway. It is based on postion and relationship power.

On Winning: Make Yourself the Prize

by Mishirika Scott

Many project practitioners are "waiting for Superman" to revive their careers. But as future change agents, building back better should start with the individual. The call of action is to win—and win big—by first making yourself the prize.

On Your Mark... The Agile Launch

by Karen Klein

Without proper management and planning, major product launches can become derailed quickly and lose money as soon as they hit the market. Add to that a fire-drill mentality where project managers pull financial and human resources from other initiatives within an organization, and the ripple effect becomes easy to predict. The solution, some experts say, is enterprise project management based on agile methodology.

On-Demand Attention Spans

by Tom L. Barnett, PMP

How do you communicate effectively as a project manager in a culture being weaned on digital, bite-sized messages?

One At A Time

by Mike Cohn

Multitasking is one of the biggest drains on project team performance, but it’s not so easy to convince the powers that be, your peers — or even yourself — to stop the juggling act. Here are some practical suggestions for improving team focus, one project and task at a time.

One For The Team

by Aaron Smith

Establishing productive working relationships with your project team is as critical as building the plan, managing risk or reporting to stakeholders. It requires accessibility, adaptability and authenticity. Here are seven principles that can help you help your team members maximize their individual and collective value.

One in a Million

by Miriam Ziemelis

From not-so-smart e-mail addresses to silly formatting, your job application procedure may be keeping you from landing that dream position. Here's how to help make your resume stand out.


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