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Perfect Form

by James Odell

When you're trying to score big in the IT systems events, you need to get your agent forms in order. Define them right, use them effectively, and you'll find yourself on the winners' stand, listening to your national anthem.

Perfect Shurmfect!

by Bob Weinstein

Enough already with all this talk about the perfect job! How about we ditch that myth and settle for a great job?

Perfect Software And Other Illusions

by Daniel Starr

A new book on software testing isn't quite perfect, and it isn't just about software, but it is a worthy read for anyone managing projects that involve testing. The heart of the book describes a testing process in terms of Satir’s four-stage interaction model: gathering information, assigning meaning, determining significance and deciding what (if anything) to do.

Perfect Storm or Tempest in a Teapot?

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

It's that time again for further thoughts on the hot topic of project management as a profession! But as the debate continues, the key is not on if a profession will emerge--but on what value and consequences the creation of a profession holds in store.

Performance Analysis and Report

by Joe Wynne

Make sure the findings of your post-mortem are acted upon by using this tool to communicate to action item owners.

Performance Appraisal System: Mid-Year Employee Performance Review


Many construction companies have an annual or semi-annual performance review process in which they conduct interviews with the employees in an atmosphere that creates an open dialogue. This form will help assist the manager in conducting a review methodically and comprehensively. Individual companies can tailor the form to suit their specific needs and requirements.

Performance Evaluation in the Software Industry

by Haoze Zhang

Even though we consider software engineering as an extension of mathematics, measurement of the developer or team’s performance is very subjective. In the end, most of the time we only look at the deliverables. We need to embrace the human element to realize success and innovation.

Performance Indicators Discussion Planner

by Joe Wynne

Still evaluating individual performance once it’s past when you really wanted (and needed!) the desired performance? Don’t answer that. Just use this planner to be a more proactive.


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