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Performance Management Stinks! - Here's an Agile Way to do It! (Japanese Translation)

by Sally Elatta


Performance Review 2.0

by Projects@Work

Wondering if it's time to scrap the performance review charade? Don't throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water just yet. Here are eight ways to overhaul your employee evaluation system — and transform your culture in the process.

Performance Reviews: Your Chance to Shine

by Paul Harder

Performance reviews--a task that has to be performed--often fill managers with dread. It's time to change that perspective and view these events as opportunities to keep employees motivated and contributing to the team--and the company.

Performance Testing


Performance testing is a class of tests implemented and executed to characterize and evaluate the performance related characteristics of the target-of-test such as the timing profiles, execution flow, response times, and operational reliability and limits.

Performance Tree

by Lyssa Adkins, PMP

As project managers transition to leading agile teams, the journey can feel strange, the references to values such as “purpose” and “courage” frustratingly fuzzy or beside the point. PMO director/program manager turned agile coach Lyssa Adkins has made the journey and believes that metaphors can be powerful allies in setting expectations and inspiring greater performance.

Performance: It's Not Just an IT Problem Anymore

by Jeff Schwartz

In our industry, the record of developing and providing business systems that perform is a lousy, broken one. Here's how to use the business view to understand performance from the business perspective early in the process--and utilize it as a reference point through all phases of deployment.

Performing Cost Control in Construction

by Mohamed Ammar

This article describes construction project cost control techniques without the use of special tools or software…and with the help of organizational process assets (OPAs).

Performing Under Pressure

by Mudassir Iqbal

No one performs their best under pressure. There are situations that bring the best out in you, but that’s completely dependent on your surroundings and the methodology you follow. Here are some tips to stay cool under pressure.

Permanent Transformation in the Enterprise

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

The challenge in any organizational transformation is how to make the culture work for rather than against the desired change. To do that, we need to first understand what an organization is, how it functions and how we can orchestrate relationships between those functions so that culture becomes an enabler of effective change.


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