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People, Perception and Personality: What Color Is Your Project Manager?

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Communication can be tough when you don't know what kind of personalities you're dealing with. Perhaps a little lesson in color basics can help. The Insight Discovery model, based on Carl Jung's theories of personality, can "color-code" your team to help you lead more effectively.

People, Planet, Profits & Projects

by Rich Maltzman, Dave Shirley

This blog is for all of us who manage projects which must provide value now, and in the long run. If your projects have economic, environmental or social impacts - and we say that's all of them - this blog is for you.

People, Priorities, Productivity

by Jerry Manas

Today’s “do more with less” mandate makes the ability to optimize finite project resources more critical than ever. A recent benchmark study provides a blueprint for improving your organization’s resource management and capacity planning, starting with visibility.

Percent, Per Se

by David Schmaltz

Project work is implicit. We build relationships, contribute intangibles and collaborate on several simultaneous tasks with people who have diverse work styles. These activities aren’t countable, yet we try to measure them as if we were laying bricks and monitoring machines. What percent complete is your project? To answer honestly requires deeper considerations and interpretations than any spreadsheet can perform.

Perception and Reality in Stakeholder Management

by Michael Wood

Even when everything seems to be going well, things may not be as rosy as you think. All the facts might point to success, but perceptions can often trump that reality. Here's some practical advice on aligning how things are and how they appear.

Perception Matters (That's What You Think)

by Edwin W. Smith

In the age of e-mail, cell phones and PDAs, we have the ability to work from anywhere, with anyone and at any time--so why do we still need traditional meetings? Because it looks good to the client. And you want to look good, don't you?

Perception vs. Reality

by Andy Jordan

Have you ever felt like what people perceive you do isn't a fair representation of what you actually do? Although the industry has made some progress, there is clearly still a problem in some organizations with a lack of understanding about how project managers are contributing to the company's success. Here's some help in measuring project management.


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