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Recession-Safe Job: Project Manager

by Bob Weinstein

Despite the job panic that the recession has put everyone in, IT project managers may not have to be as scared as everyone else.

Recipe for Product Innovation

by Andrew Dolvig

Changing an iconic product can be perilous. Think New Coke. But sometimes change is necessary. From assessing the business case to implementation, here is a look at how a manufacturing giant used a fundamental project management approach to minimize risk when it sought to modify its most popular products.

Recognizing Failure

by Andy Jordan

Project failure is inevitable, and failing to deal with it is inexcusable. Many projects fail to deliver against the plan that the approval of the project was based on. But few projects are ever actually cancelled--projects are delayed, costs are escalated, scope is cut…but ultimately the project is delivered, even if it bears little resemblance to what was originally approved. Stop the insanity!

Recognizing Loser Projects

by Michael Hatfield

Is the project you are considering a winner or a loser? Find out by reading this list of the top five indicators that your project is a loser--before you jump in and notice all your co-workers making that "L" shape with their hand on their forehead.

Recognizing the Importance of Psychological Safety

by Andy Jordan

We often don't understand something and have questions—but don't put our hand up to ask, instead hoping someone else will. This can be a huge problem within organizational culture. How can we engage employees in the right way at the right time?

Recommend the Most Viable Option

Jul 20, 2016 12:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)

In this webinar, we will go through the basic tenets of a business case. The business problem or opportunity, the analysis of the situation and probable solutions, the recommended solution and various techniques you can use as a Business Analyst to enable sponsors to make a sound selection.

Recommendation Report Presentation

by George Jucan, MSc, PMP, OCP

Engaged in the path of transforming their business processes, many organizations need to choose between multiple options available to satisfy their needs. This deliverable is a sample template discussed in the article "The Bumpy Road to Alternate Service Delivery", which presents some practical advice for the analysis and selection process.

Recommendations for Handling Disputes and Claims in Construction Projects

by Juan Horita, PhD, PMP

During the execution of large-scale construction projects, the occurrence of conflicts is probable due to variations to the project. Dispute resolutions can be considered as projects in and of themselves and require preparation. Integrating these recommendations and lessons can increase the quality of claims and limit the costs of elaboration.

Reconciling Blockchain Immutability With Continuous Agile Change

by Antonio Ferraioli

This article explores the synergy between the immutable nature of blockchain technology and the inherent adaptability within the agile approach. We will discuss strategies for managing blockchain projects in agile environments—while maintaining the technology's integrity and embracing the culture of change.

Records Coordinator Responsibilities Checklist


Are you a newly appointed Records Coordinator? Maybe you could just use a friendly refresher. Either way, you'll swim--and not sink--using these valable responsibilities as a guide.


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