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Sauver le monde grâce à la gestion de projets!

Mar 15, 2018 12:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)

Dans le cadre du développement et de la coopération internationale, de nombreux projets sont réalisés chaque année. Mais combien de ces projets utilisent l'expertise qu'offre la gestion de projets telle que décrite dans le PMBOK?

Save the FISH: Secrets to Securing IT Assets

by Michael Wood

The future of your business depends on the security of its IT Assets. This overview will help you identify the FISH (facilities, information, software, hardware) in your organization and help you understand how best to protect those assets in case of natural disasters or pernicious intrusion.

Save the PMO!

by Jiju (Jay) Nair, PMP

Do C-level executives make arbitrary decisions to kill PMOs? Alarming as this idea may seem, many organizations nowadays are building up a track record in terminating the services of their PMOs right after kicking the tires.

Saved By Zero

by Bart Gerardi

On agile projects, different teams can have different definitions of effort when estimating work. It is one reason why velocity can vary greatly on teams whose productivity is similar. It is also why using a story point value of zero can prove helpful in planning. Here are three scenarios when the practice makes sense.

Saving a Slipping Schedule

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

When a schedule starts to slip, the project manager should be ready to jump in and get things back on track. Here are some strategies the PM can use that do not involve forcing everyone to work 80-hour work weeks.

Say Bye to Testing Metrics in Agile Teams

by Paul Carvalho

Stop counting test cases and bug reports in development! They aren’t as helpful as you might think, and there is no direct correlation between these counts and delivered value or quality.

Say 'Hello' to PMI Infinity!

by PMI

This AI platform offers access to valuable insights and knowledge from our project management expert community. Use this tool to help optimize, discover, and reach project success. Available to anyone registered on for free until 12 February 2024!

Say No to Wishful Thinking

by Geoff Choo

Doing more (overtime) on less (schedule) isn't the smart way to develop software. Why? Because the sooner you want it, the later you'll get it. To break the vicious cycle, you need to negotiate your way to a more realistic schedule. Here's what you can do about unrealistic project schedules.


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