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Welcome to the Intersection of Change and Emotion

by Cassandra Worthy

Change has changed. Gone are the days of change being this linear thing with a clear beginning and end. Change today is stacked, dynamic, non-discriminatory, complex, and all the time. And the emotions change inspires cannot be denied, carrying the power to accelerate or stall your efforts. The time is now to change our perspective to remain relevant in today's reality of change and beyond. In this blog, you'll find practical tips, tools, and inspiration to fuel your growth and fulfillment through change. Your feelings are welcome here.

Welcome to the OPM3 Department

by John Schlichter

gantthead ushers in a new era with its OPM3 department, and this welcome from subject matter expert John Schlichter provides an overview of PMI's organizational project management standard--and gives us a look at things to come.

Welcome to the PMI Educational Foundation Open House!


Welcome to our annual open house! All day long, in celebration of #GivingTuesday, and in collaboration with the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF), we are highlighting how you can use project management to give back!

Welcome to The Project Economy

by Cindy Anderson

The Project Economy offers so much rich potential as society optimizes and extends the amazing achievements that technological advance now puts at our fingertips. It is no surprise that disruption accompanies change, and that there can be resistance to that which is different. But if we can view the world through this new, future-focused lens, we can prepare ourselves, our organizations, and our society to make the most of the opportunity.

Welcome to the World of Big Data

by Michael Wood

You might have heard about the “Big Data” craze. The rush is on, and like Cloud Computing it’s gaining momentum fast. So what is all the fuss about? What exactly is Big Data and why should we care?

Weld Done

by Projects@Work

After integrating Project Server 2002 with a Solomon PSA solution, professional services organization Edison Welding Institute tightened project estimates, reduced overspends and improved resource management.

Wendy Practice II

Jan 9, 2018 12:00 AM EST (UTC-5)
PREMIUM webinar

Wendy Practice II

We're Not in an Innovation Industry!

by Andy Jordan

Digital transformation is changing the way the world works…yet this author still meets project managers who don’t believe it impacts them. It’s time to wise up.

'We're Not Ready for Portfolio Management'

by Andy Jordan

This practitioner often hears organizations claim they aren’t ready for portfolio management. They are...but they need to start with a different definition of what portfolio management is.

Were the Mayans Right About Your PMO?

by Jerry Manas

It could very well be near the end of the world for your PMO unless your organization is prepared to properly address five undeniable trends: resource demand; predictive analytics; innovation; portfolio management-led integration of strategy, finance and operations; and, of course, Agile.


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"There is not one wise man in 20 that will praise himself."

- William Shakespeare