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Want Agile to Work? Stop Trying to 'Do' Agile!

by Larkland Brown

One day it hit this writer like a ton of bricks: We’re really not doing pure agile because…we really don’t want to be doing pure agile! With that epiphany, the realization of what the problem was became that everyone was focused on wanting to do what they thought was pure agile--at the expense of being agile!

Want More Innovation? Manage For Change

by Johanna Rothman

Instead of change management, what if your team and your managers could manage for change? How different would your team, project and organization be if you optimized for change?

Want the Answer? Just ASP

by Geoff Choo

Application service providers can bring real value to start-ups and bricks-and-mortars by providing speedier time to market, inexpensive access to best-of-breed applications, and hard-to-find technical skills. However, ASPs aren't the ideal solution for everyone. How do you know when an ASP is the right solution for you?

Want to Be Top Dog?

by Bob Weinstein

All resumes are not created equal. If you want to move up the ladder, you'd better learn how to write an executive resume!

Want to Innovate? Eliminate Project Management

by Andy Jordan

As the world changes more quickly and projects become ever more important, project management becomes more critical than ever to success…right? Well, maybe not...

Wanted: Agile Workforce to Deal with Agile Industry

by Mike Donoghue

The fast spin of technology demands that we have a dynamic workforce we hire with the notion that we want to keep talented members on board indefinitely—much of which can be accomplished with a vision of constantly developing and enhancing their abilities.

Wanted: EPMO Leaders


Most large global organizations will rely on “activist” enterprise program management office (EPMO) leaders by 2017, according to research analyst Gartner. The emerging role is a response to the need to significantly improve strategic execution, and increased pressure toward innovation and differentiation.

Wanted: Healthcare PMs

by Tom Burzinski

A recent survey suggests that U.S. healthcare organizations will require up to 25,000 experienced project managers over the next five years to meet the demands of advanced technology initiatives and health insurance reform.

Wanted: Leaders

by Karen McGraw

Project managers are valuable because of their ability to plan, organize and direct mission-critical initiatives to meet organizational goals. But management skills alone don’t ensure success. Leadership is a critical component to successfully guiding a team to the finish line.


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"Don't play the saxophone. Let it play you."

- Charlie Parker