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Wanted: Multitasking Workaholic Generalists

by Bob Weinstein

Have our standards become too rigid? Finding Renaissance superstars in this fiercely competitive job market is no simple feat; it’s no wonder companies are paying top dollar for qualified candidates.

Wanting to Be Right Is Wrong

by Christopher Cook

Project managers have a responsibility to their teams to be a leader, and leaders put pressure on themselves to be mistake-free. But having to be "right" all the time is a detriment, not a benefit. Here are some ways to deal with the want or need to be right…

War Room


War Room is a room dedicated to a project to provide communication and collaboration space for a project team. A room used for conferences and planning that is often specially equipped (as with computers, or charts).A room where people meet and exchange plans, ideas, information, etc., in an active way.

Ware Stories

Here are five lessons learned the hard way from a major technology project.

Warning Signs

by Terri Barczak

When a project's progress starts to break down, it often does so slowly with subtle warning signs. But there are signal detectors that can help project leaders respond to the threats of schedule slippage, looming risks and developing issues before they start a fire that can't be put out. How many are you using?

Waste Snakes, Investment Ladders

by Wayne Grant

Just as agile teams strive to continuously improve, they should also continuously seek opportunities to reduce wasteful activities. A good start is creating visual representations of a team’s total wasted time over the course of several sprints as well as its time invested in improvements.

Water Works

by Elizabeth Harrin

Charged with upgrading a 150-year-old Scottish water-and-waste treatment facility while maintaining the area’s natural beauty, a project team focused on collaborative transparency with stakeholders and even incorporated sustainability into its own day-to-day practices.


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"There is more to life than increasing its speed."

- Mahatma Gandhi