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You Are Your Most Important Project

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Do you recognize that you are your own project, and that investing in you is necessary and appropriate? Personal projects are where you have the opportunity to explore and discover new capabilities. This requires effort and commitment, and perseverance in the face of inevitable challenge.

You Asked For IT

by Projects@Work

In her book How To Cheat at IT Project Management, author Susan Snedaker synthesized fundamental concepts of project management, from managing scope and assessing risks to communicating with teams and sponsors. Here, she answers some frequently asked questions on how to implement these concepts in the business world.

You Can Become a Powerful Project Leader by Taking These Steps

by Andrea Masek, PMP

Project leadership takes guts. Face it, you take on some of the most complex assignments and are responsible for large budgets, resources and operational impacts. The steps outlined in this article will enable you to tap into your leadership potential, engage your teams and utilize proven techniques for successful project outcomes.

You Can Get There From Here

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Maturity models and assessments may help an organization peg its current project management capabilities, but the information is only of use if executive management supports a course of action to go from where the company is to where it wants to be, step by step.

You Can’t Have an Agile Business Without Agile Leadership

by Andy Jordan

Current events are leading to ever more calls for the development of agile business environments. But if agile is going to help businesses that have not yet embraced its benefits, then the focus needs to be somewhere else. It needs to be on changing the minds of business leaders.

You Can’t Schedule Innovation

by Rich Mironov

We can’t schedule innovation, but we can schedule and fund discovery—an essential part of building products that matter. How do we make the case for discovery as the true path to innovation? Make it tangible and frame it in non-specialist language.

You Can't Be Serious?!

by William Knight

Who needs project success? It's overrated, if you ask us. Face it: Your project is a waste of time and energy and was doomed from the start, so best to cut your losses and make sure you save face. Here then is a methodology for failure--10 ways to manage a project to failure while maintaining your career and reputation.

You Don’t Say

by Rick Klemm

The Top 10 things overheard on a failing software project — or 10 sure signs of impending project disaster.


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