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You May be Skilled, but Can You Manage Projects?

by Mike Donoghue

It’s easy to over-generalize staff members. Under what conditions might a good department or group manager also make a good project manager? Here are some things to think about when you consider someone's potential.

You Say You Want a Revolution

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

The purist view of BPI is that it is a quantum leap rather than a step-change for businesses. Radical transformation is BPI's intent, but it often falls short of that goal. Even when they face possible corporate demise, many businesses do not really have the appetite for radical transformation, and settle for the half-way house of process re-engineering instead. But this does not have to be considered a failure...

You Wanna Be Starting Something?

by Mike Donoghue

Determining the nature and scope of a project is essential to refining how the resulting effort will accomplish business needs. A crucial component of this is having the knowledge of the business environment and the demands it must meet.

You’re a Distributed Project Manager Now

by Bart Gerardi

This pandemic is going to change the way projects are handled for the near term—and some changes will stay in effect long after the crisis. Indeed, some of the new ways of working may prove to be better than the old ways, including interacting in an asynchronous manner.

You’re Never Too Old

by Andy Jordan

Not all new project managers are 20-somethings straight out of school. And if you are a more experienced new PM, there can be some unique challenges.

You’re Not a ‘New Project Manager' Just Once

by Andy Jordan

Every project manager only has one first project, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become a "new PM" further into your career—and use that opportunity to grow by embracing the discomfort.

You’re Probably Using Your PM Software Wrong

by Andy Jordan

A lot of project management and administration remains manual. This isn’t exactly the promise of technology making work more effective and efficient. So, what’s going on? Project environments need to make more and better use of software if future performance is to be optimized.

You’ve Been Disconnected


Some 87 percent of businesses fail to execute their strategy each year. Disconnectedness is at the heart of the problem, according to strategic execution consultant Dan Prosser, whose new book offers eight insights into why and how to fix it, from the power of conversations to the possibilities in chaos.


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