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Your First 10 Tasks as an Independent Consultant

by Lonnie Pacelli

If you have decided an independent consulting career is the right step for you, there are 10 things you must do before you open your doors for business. Keep this list handy if you ever decide to take the plunge.

Your First Job in Project Management

by Bruce Harpham

Many of us go through personal and organizational goal setting at this time of year. What if your goal list includes starting a new career in project management? What’s the first step? Here, you'll learn about typical entry points to the profession and how you can succeed.

Your First Project Failed...Now What?

by Andy Jordan

We all hope that every project succeeds, but that doesn’t happen. If one of your first projects fails, it can be hard to handle. How should you respond, and what should your approach be moving forward?

Your First Project…and Now COVID-19 Hits

by Andy Jordan

You’ve finally been given the opportunity to manage your first project—and now the world has been turned upside down by a pandemic. How do you cope?

Your Friend, Triple Constraint

by Richard Cherer, PMP

One of the most underrepresented tools in a project manager’s toolset is the simple use of the project triple constraint: time, cost and scope.

Your Friend, Triple Constraint


One of the most underestimated techniques in many a project manager’s toolset is the use of triple constraint: time, cost and scope. Here's a simple approach to incorporate it on your next project. [3 min., 29 sec.]

Your Inner Leader

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

To succeed, project leaders must often exercise influence without formal authority. To do this, Mark Mullaly says we must understand the environment we are working in, and focus on being the leader that this environment needs us to be. This is not necessarily the leader we prefer to be. The act of leading is a choice that requires us to diagnose competing values, engage in politics and adapt to different project environments. [13:10]


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