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5 Lessons Learned to Strengthen Accreditation

by Sarosh Azhar

Accreditation offers periodic self-evaluation, assessment and improvement opportunities for the educational institution. Higher education institutions should handle accreditation projects with utmost careā€”and use it as a chance to refine their plans to offer the best services for their students and community.

Preparing for a Hybrid Approach

by Joe Wynne

A hybrid approach can be confusing at first, but understanding its components and then taking time to work with stakeholders to collect information and anticipate approach weaknesses are key to being a successful leader.

Six Steps to Application Governance

by Andrew Makar, PMP

Use this sample presentation to convey the three key operational procedures to improve the perceptions about operations support. Project managers can modify and apply this brief application governance presentation to help their project teams avoid becoming "lost in transition".

Business Operational Procedures Template


User involvement is key to designing an effective application and a good user interface. Give the business users a template of standards and procedures to follow so that they can describe how they do their work, including workflow, and thus how the application should work for them.

Sample Project Change Control Form


The one constant we can count on in life is change, and that goes for project management, too. Use this form to request and document changes to your project.

5 Benefits (and 5 Challenges) of Flexible Work Arrangements

by Antonio Nieto

The recent shift toward flexible work arrangements has redefined how projects are managed and executed, emphasizing the need for adaptability and the integration of digital tools to maintain team cohesion and project momentum across dispersed settings.

Countering Resistance to Artificial Intelligence

by Joe Wynne

The arrival of artificial intelligence might be a little bumpy, but that doesn't mean you can just wait until the situation becomes stable. Quite the contrary: You and your team need to build and apply skills to manage this period of instability.


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