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Benchmarking determines where the enterprise is in relation to performing activities with "best-of-breed" or world-class companies. It measures the performance or the degree of success that has been realized in comparison to other companies for a given activity, value stream, or other factors of interest. These measures then become the basis for analysis and redesign.



Intangible assets, like many produced in the IT world (patents, inventions, a business process or system that offers competitive advantage), contribute to future revenues. Therefore, they can be expensed over time as those revenues occur.

Baseline Budget


A baseline budget is the estimate of project costs that you start with at the beginning of your project. When you talk about being "under budget", this is what you are comparing your actual performance to. Sometimes when there is a significant change in scope, the project can be ...

Getting the Most from Generative AI with Prompt Engineering Skills

by Edivandro Conforto, Olalla Garcia Perez, Nathan Rischling, Yuliya Zhevno, Rupal Bhandari

Prompt engineering skills are critical for project professionals to get the most effective results from Generative AI (GenAI) tools. This webinar will cover how to build good prompting skills and how to apply them to your projects.

Artificial Intelligence and Project Management: Empirical Overview, State of the Art, and Guidelines for Future Research

by Ralf Müller, Daniel Nicholls, TEMISAN SAGAY, Giorgio Locatelli, vered holzmann
April 22, 2024 | 60:14 | Views: 12,274 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.53 / 5

Desk rejections of artificial intelligence (AI)–related submissions to the Project Management Journal® (PMJ) are high. This webinar will provide an overview and state-of-the-art snapshot on academic and practitioner work to derive at potential future research topics and guidelines on the execution and reporting of AI-related studies in project management.

Rise of AI - How to Leverage AI for Agile Project Management

PREMIUM presentation
by Mashhood Ahmed

As the project management landscape continues to evolve, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Agile methodologies is becoming increasingly critical. "Rise of AI - How to Leverage AI for Agile Project Management" is a session designed to explore the intersection of AI and Agile practices, providing insights into how AI can enhance the effectiveness of Agile Project Management.

Project HEADWAY: Presenting to Executive Audiences

Apr 18, 2024 3:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)
PREMIUM webinar

In this presentation, Mark Mullaly gets to the heart of what works in speaking effectively to an executive audience. He provides strategies, insights and guidance to craft your message, deliver it well, and be as prepared as possible when you walk through that boardroom door. If you have to present to executives—and who amongst us does not?—and strive to do it with confidence and grace, this is a webinar that you won’t want to miss.

In Pursuit of Better Strategic Decisions

by Andy Jordan

Organizations are always looking to improve strategic decision-making, but that can be difficult to achieve. However, there are ways to gain an advantage. Here we explore improving visibility and collaboration.

Building A Data-Driven PMO: The Future To Real Value Creation

PREMIUM presentation
by Giuliano Caracciolo

This webinar will go into detail on how you can build a data-driven PMO that allows you to make better decisions at scale, provide true value, and execute with excellence. Multiple frameworks and strategies will be presented in this information-packed webinar.


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